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    Time for a new clutch...HERE WE GO

    So my slave seems to of given up on me and its time to replace it. So if I have to drop the tranny, im gonna replace it all while im in there. My question is how hard is to drop the tranny on a 2wd vs the 4wd I see in a few of the right ups on here. Also, how high do I need to lift the truck...
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    The time has come to make repairs...unfortunately for my wallet...

    Dont forget to pick up some cotter pins and a tub of Valvoline VV632, its a grease made for fords. I have a 99 Sport 2wd and ive been through this twice...Im in Orlando so if your close to here or need help with anything PM me and ill see what I can do to help.
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    When to replace shocks? has promo codes used at checkout...get creative tho...the sensatracs are about $43.50 each down I just bought two...used a promo code for $35 off $85 or more for one order and did a second order for the back shocks...used the same code twice. Just pay online and...
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    The time has come to make repairs...unfortunately for my wallet...

    Wheel Bearing Got to Part number seach for your wheel bearings Inners: SET5 Outer: SET2 Oil Seals: 9150S You will need two of everything above. I did mine in March and its not hard, My Races were pretty badly scored so I replaced them with a brass punch and a lot of...
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    1999 explorer sport system 1 remote keyless entry

    Ive got part of the puzzle figured out Sounds like your keyless entry system is not factory...sounds like aftermarket to me. 99 sports that came the factory keyless entry came as a package with the door key pad and remotes. Most aftermarkets come with a "Programing" or "Valet" botton...
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    Installing aftermarket Keyless Entry (Viper 211hv)

    So I just picked up an aftermarket keyless entry system for my 99 ex sport. It says it has built in relays so I assume I dont have to buy them to take pop the doors but im still a bit confused on what goes where...this is what I have so far. Explorer Wire Guide Constant 12V+ Yellow...
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    Tips, advice and general help needed

    Thanks...yeah i figured this was gonna be a slow process. Im thankful for fords junction box right there at the hinge point tho. Ive been tearing down and rebuilding motors and suspensions since I was 12 but short of installing a sound system or afew extra 12v outlets im not big on electrics...
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    Tips, advice and general help needed

    Okay so I have a 99 Sport. About 18 months back some jack wagon smashed in my drivers door in the night and took off. Lucky for me they didnt even break the glass on the door. Last week I got my hands on a new drivers door shell a the local yard. Color even matches. But this thing is...
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    Factory Keyless Entry Install Questions

    So I was a the local yard the other day and came across a 1999 Ford Explorer with Keyless Entry. My 99 has power locks but no Keyless entry system installed (Did the key test to check). Does anyone know if I can just install the Module or how much wiring is involved in this...I know sometimes...
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    Shifter Cover Cup Holder Screws

    So I have a 99 Sport with a manual transmission and was recently cleaning the carpets so I removed the cup holder/shifter cover base. Well some how the two screws that hold it in place have grown legs and disapeared...Does anyone know what the length and thread pattern these two screws are as I...
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    Power Steering rack Almost swapped...HELP

    To be honest i finally just said **** it and had the two meet in the middle. I turned the rack half way and the shaft half way. You should not go spinning the wheel but a few degrees wont cause damage. If your no comfortable with this just turn the rack. Let the alignment shop worry about...
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    Power Steering rack Almost swapped...HELP

    Anybody? Im still stuck on this...should i manually tun the shaft on the rack to match up or should i turn the steering wheel. Im about 3/8's of a turn the wrong way. I just dont wanna ruin my clock spring and would like to get this thing to the alignment shop today.
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    Power Steering rack Almost swapped...HELP

    So my new rack is in and all the lines are on but the steering intermediate shaft does not want to line up and go into the Pinch on the steering shaft. I can see there are two flat spots on the male end and can feel the flat areas inside the pinch but they're no where near matching up. Am...
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    New MOOG upper contol arm wont fit into steering knuckle

    Nope Im tryin to open it up a lil bit with a cold chisel, Nope the steering knuckle dropped of with the lightest of taps...the bottom on the other hand wouldnt let go and I had to hammer out the lower ball joint with the knuckle attached and hammer the lower ball joint out on my bench...not...
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    New MOOG upper contol arm wont fit into steering knuckle

    So i have 99 Explorer Sport and I have had the joy of rebuilding my front end over the last two days. I have replaced the lower ball joints and have almost finished installing the new UCA's from Moog. But now the Upper Ball Joints will not fit into the top of the steering knuckle. I have...
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    2000 Ford Explore Sport

    Sport Not Sport Trac the 2001 is the Sport Trac. Up until 2001 It was listed under ford Explorer. Certain parts are specific to the 2 door model (such as the power steering rack) but for most engine parts the standard parts work.
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    Passenger Airbag Question

    So I have heard that it is illegal to drive a car that had a airbag removed...Anyone know if this holds any water? I am doing some custom interior work and wanted to turn the passenger airbag area it a hidden storage area. Thanks
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    98 Sport (Betsy)

    I have a black 99 sport and your is looking clean bro. Did you get your original trim painted professionaly or did you just replace it?
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    Will at 4 door drivers door fit a 2 Door Sport

    Yea thats what i thought but wasn't sure...the doors really arn't that long compared to most 4 door cars and what not...gonna have to get the tape measure out and take that approach.
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    Will at 4 door drivers door fit a 2 Door Sport

    Well a few months back my neighbour across the street was nice enough to back his Chevy into my drivers door and ignor it...cant prove it tho...anyway the door is pretty bad and im ready to replace it but there are no 2 doors at the local yard. Im wondering if anyone knows if a drivers door...
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    Rear window Wiper Works but not hitting all of the window

    Hey The rear window wiper on my Sport works but only makes contact with the glass for about the last 3rd of the sweep. Took the hatch apart to see if the motor bracket was loose or out of alignment but it all looks fine. Any Ideas or just go to the junk yard and get a new wiper arm?
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    4.0 OHV Vacuum Leak

    Yea cant remember the code number but it said it was oxygen lean limit on bank 1.
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    4.0 OHV Vacuum Leak

    So my 99 sport's check engine light is on. Had the code checked and it turns out i have a Vacuum leak in bank one. Does anyone have any usual suspects for this or am i gonna have a long day ahead of me with a can of carb cleaner? any help appreciated. Thanks