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    transmission problems ?

    I have a 1994 4X4 Eddie Bauer. It is in decent shape except for the drivers side fender (I can't seem to find one anywhere) The motor has 208,000 miles on it and it runs pretty well. I bought it only for $700 as a project. The guy said the transmission was just replaced. I am thinking maybe he...
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    Dana 28 or 35 ? Help!

    OK, that is also what I have read... but what through me off was that when I went to Auto Zone to get some ball joints ... they asked if I had a Dana 28 or a Dana 35 Wonder why they would give that option
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    Dana 28 or 35 ? Help!

    Thanks for the reply... Just for my reference ... how can you tell ? This may sound stupid ... but can you tell by the number of splines on the end of the axle shafts behind the hubs? Or are the splines of no importance ? Does that code tell the fear ratio also ? Thanks
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    Dana 28 or 35 ? Help!

    I have searched all the code lists and still cannot figure out if I have a Front Dana 28 or 35 on my 1994 Explorer. I have found the stamped codes on the front of the axle .. 1563 (far left) P 2504 1 (grouped above the following numbers) 46285 A Can someone please help me ? Thanks
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    How can I be sure?

    I just bought a 1994 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I did the transfer case motor rebuild and was able to get the 4 wheel drive to start switching to 4 hi and 4 low with no problem. Here is my problem I think the Auto locking hub is shot on the drivers side. When I spin the back tires in grass the...
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    Just wanted to say hello... and I cannot wait to start posting!