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  1. J

    how many miles on your ranger?

    96 S/Cab, 301,000 miles, a little tired, a few issues, but still running and being driven daily.
  2. J

    Flashing O/d Light

    Hi Guys, Need some help, 96 ranger, 4r55e trans, I get a flashing O/D light with a P0741 code, scanner says "TCC clutch circuit or Stuck off". I cant find any info on this problem so may be somebody here can give me an idea of where to start, fluid has been changed recently, problem was there...
  3. J

    O/D Lt Flashing/P0741 Code

    Hi everybody, this is my first post to this site so bear w/ me. I have a '96 arnger 4wd with a 4r55e trans thats giving me fits, the truck has a buttload of miles on (226,000+) but still runs great due to lots of h-way miles and diligent maintenance. Anyway the trans has started to give the...