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    For Sale 8.8 Drum Rearend and 4.56 Ring & Pinion Gears

    are 4:56 for the front & rear? will they fit a 97 stock ex?
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    Parting out 97 Eddie Bauer Explorer

    do you have the factory CD player,front differential, A/C components (minus compressor) and rear window motors? Thanks
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    1996 explorer parts

    hi, do you have the hood shocks, stock cd player?? thank you
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    Wanted..97 Explorer front diff..3:73

    You are right about the seals, better to take care of it while it is out. How much for shipping to 90505? Thanks
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    Wanted..97 Explorer front diff..3:73

    do you happen to have any pictures...what condition is it are the seals and gears? thanks
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    Wanted..97 Explorer front diff..3:73

    Hi, i'm looking for a front diff for my 1997 Explorer AWD control-trac. It is all stock with 3:73 gearing. Please let me know if you might have a front diff that you are willing to get rid of..or sell. Thanks SoCalJ
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    The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

    sorry guys, if you have caught any of my recent threads, my front diff recently went bad. It is making a horrible and loud "whinning" noise...almost as if I had really aggressive Super Swamper tires. (I am running all-terrains) So I am probably not going to make it until I get my front diff...
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    Sloped 2 in body lift with SOA and 33 pics

    looks good!! Do you happen to recall what parts/how many you needed/what sizes....etc for the body lift..just in case if I choose to do the same? Thanks
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    01 Sport parting out

    2 or 4 wheel drive?
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    The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

    i'm down too, if I can ever get my noisey front end fixed. :thumbsup:
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    Front end noise--PLEASE HELP

    Yeah, just what I was thinking...the front ring & pinion and bearing. How difficult is this repair job?
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    Front end noise--PLEASE HELP

    Okay, so I crawled under the Explorer today and lifted the front end off the ground. I shook both wheels and the bearings seem okay...since there is no significan play when pushing or pulling on the wheel. What I did notice was a wet area on the drivers side front differential where the...
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    growling and popping front diff

    what type of noise does a bad front driveshaft make? Is the sound similar to having "Super Swamper" tires rolling on the road?...that off-road tire sound?
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    Front end noise--PLEASE HELP

    Thank you for the help. I haven't had a chance to crawl under my Explorer yet, but plan to this weekend. The sound I keep hearing sounds like teeth on gears humming making a "wowowowowow" as the wheels turn. The only thing I did try so far..was to drive and shift it into neutral to see if...
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    Front end noise--PLEASE HELP

    I have not lookied into my driveshaft yet. The floor beneath my feet while driving 50-65mph does vibrate a little and may be the driveshaft. I didn't know that a driveshaft had a CV joint....i'll have to take a look later. Any other suggestions would be helpful just to elimate the areas that...
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    Front end noise--PLEASE HELP

    My 1997 Explorer control-trac 4x4 just this past Monday started to make an unusual noise. This noise only happens while moving and matches the speed I am driving. The only way I can describe the noise sounds as if I have really agressive tires rolling on the Super Swampers...
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    99ex22 Is Crazy!

    Russ, It has been a long time. The last time we wrote, you had the grey Explorer and I just saw a few pictures of your newer Red V8 explorer. Nice man!! So, of all of the lifts that you have experienced, which one do you recommend for a budget lift? I am constantly debating how to lift my...
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    The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

    anyone up for Azusa Canyon this weekend??? (if the rain stops)
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    Some first and second gen parts lying around.

    hi do you still have the 2nd gen cd player?
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    For Sale Parting out 97 Eddie Bauer 4x4

    hi, do you have the keyless entry module? passanger side rear door window motor? hood shocks and rear hatch shocks?
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    1996 explorer parts

    how do you have the hood shocks and rear hatch shocks?
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    Tow Hook Install

    Nice job!! I am in the process of installing tow hooks myself. Was it difficult removing the front bumper? Did the stock bumper fit okay after installing the hooks?
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    WTB: 2nd gen lift parts

    I'm currently stock with 31's and looking for some parts. Shackles, shocks or any necessary parts for an easy money saving lift.
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    The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

    Just there a sticker for our vehicles of this site or club?