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    1994 Ford Explorer PCM Part Number- Help with correct part. Thanks!

    Hello, I have a 1994 Ford Explorer and just found out my PCM has a problem (I think). The one in my truck says: F47F-12A650-MB I am wondering if a F47F-12A650-NB will also work? There are sellers on ebay selling this one and list it as working on the 1994 Ford Explorer. Can anyone...
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    1994 Ford Explorer: Location of PCM/ECM?

    re: thanks! Now I need help with the PCM/ECM part number Thanks! My part says: F47F 12A650MB I am wondering if F47F 12A650NB will also work? I see some on ebay that say they are for a 1994 Ford Explorer. Thanks in advance!
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    1994 Ford Explorer: Location of PCM/ECM?

    I am having a lot of trouble locating the PCM on my 1994 Ford Explorer XLT. Can anyone help me pinpoint the location? I need to get the code off of it so that I can purchase a replacement PCM. Symptom: One day my truck (when I started it up) started running at a very low idle- 500rpm. It...
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    Left Rear Tail Light out, but brake light works

    Left rear running light is out My LEFT rear running tail light is out (right side is fine). Signal and brake light and turn signal work fine. Thanks,
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    Left Rear Tail Light out, but brake light works

    My left rear (tail) light on my 1994 Ford Explorer is out, but the brake light and turn signal works fine on that side. I tried replacing the bulb with no luck. What are the possible causes/fixes for this problem? Thanks!
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    94 Explorer XLT Check Engine Light + Acceleration/Lurching issues

    This past weekend I returned from a long (~2000 mile) road trip (almost all highway driving) during which time I had the following three problems: Problem #1- I had the CEL come on and off for several stretches of the trip, primarily during 3 days of hot weather (90+ degrees). I have been...