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    Ford Explorer on an R plate 1997

    Hi guys Your advice please. I have a Ford Explorer on an R plate - 1997. Right now it is SORNed, has no MOT and is sat on my drive. It needs a new battery and the air bag warning light is lit up on the dashboard. First question, is it worth fixing these things, putting it through an MOT...
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    ABS Problem

    Hi everyone I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. On normal braking to a stop, in the last few feet of stopping, I can feel and hear the ABS system coming into play, mainly from what feels like the front right hand side. I reiterate, this is under normal braking and normal road conditions. No...
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    Fuel Filler Cap

    I got one from Halfords, it was £11.99!
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    Fuel Filler Cap

    Hi everyone (my first post!) I have just acquired a 1997 Explorer. I need a few spare parts... Fuel Filler Cap, lockable, and preferably with two keys. ..can anyone recommend a good place to get one from? I am also after a replacement driver's side door mirror glass. Presumably I can...