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    04 Explorer jerking when coasting

    I'm curious about this as well. I notice it when I have the cruise on at about 65mph and am going down a hill. I have the rearend whine and the sound goes with the jerk. Usually a second or half second between jerks and the whine being intermittent.
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    2005 V8 Throttle Body Cleaning?

    I believe you are partially right. You don't want to use carb/choke cleaner, but throttle body cleaner that is formulated for this coating is what you want. Not real sure as to how effective the special coating is, but it does get dirty. I cleaned my 04 4.6 tb to take care of the 1-2 second...
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    05 Explorer Throttle issue?

    This worked for me too. I used a throttle body cleaner with cue tips sp? and toothpicks wrapped in a paper towel (not sure of the brand, it's tough enough you can't tear it with your hands). I took the tb off when I did it so the extra gunk wouldn't end up somewhere it shouldn't. I also used...
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    New here with 04 EB Explorer

    New here to Explorers not Fords. Just bought an 04 EB Explorer with the 4.6 and the infamous rear end whine. I used the forums to do some research when we decided we liked the explorers. I found lots of useful information and what to look for when buying. Hoping the rear end will be the only...