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    Technical question

    I put the 99 sohc and harness and computer in my truck the interior harness as well The only thing that is not 99 is the fuel harness because the pick comes down through the floor under the drivers seat What is CPP Thank you Justin
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    Technical question

    I have changed the relay and also checked the voltage This is my dilemma I don't have a good enough diagram to locate how all the wiring in the harness is run to make it is all hooked up There is only 6.7 volts going to the pump but I have tried to locate the source and need a good diagram I...
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    Technical question

    It will crank but won't start
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    Technical question

    I am using a 1996 fuel tank and lines I just caped off the return Re wired in the 99 pump And pressure gauge that was beside the pump The thing I am wondering G about is that I removed the transmission and the sensor that is in it would there be any wires that went in and came back out that...
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    Technical question

    99 sohc explorer I took the trans away and dropped in a manual Now that I have done this I am not able to stray the truck I have flashed the computer and turned the anti theft and trans controls off At the fuse box and at the pump I only Get 6.7 volts I am also not using the explorer...
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    Fuel supply problem after engine swap

    Yes I am and I also have a SCT tuner from James henson and we are reprograming the ecu
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    Fuel supply problem after engine swap

    Hey everyone I just did a 4.0l sohc 99 engine swap into a 1996 ranger I removed the antitheft from behind the air bag and use all the wiring out of the explorer except the fuel because it is a returnless line system so I caped off the return on my plastic tank and wired and change the pump...
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    P0323 Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit Intermittent

    Hey everyone, I am not quite finished yet but I just did an engine swap from a Mazda b2300 4cylinder to the 1999 explorer SOHC. I used the 99 computer and wiring but just pluged it into my harness at the firewall. I just pluged my SCT X3 programmer in to get the info James Henson and...
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    Motor Swap Your Opinions

    I have seen that swap with the 3.9 cummins desiel out of a van on the site, but not about the information. Other then an adapter plate could be used for the ford trans. I say go for it and do a write up on it. That would be a great swap. :rangergreen:
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    Trans Swap

    I just bought this 99 sport just for the rear end to go in my build. But after looking into the wiring I am getting frustrated and not sure if i can complete the the harness mix that i am trying 92 ohv into a 97 wiring so i am considering using the 99 motor for a direct swap with no wiring...
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    Trans Swap

    Would like to know what years were compatible I have a 92 ohv with a manual and i just bought a 99 sport sohc auto Could mate my 92 trans to the sohc Thank you
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    Trans + Eng. Question

    Could I take my 92 4.0l ohv manual transmission and mate it to a 99 4.0L sohc engine Thank you
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    1992 Alldata Computer Diagram

    It is a major build that I am doing I have a 97 Ranger I am putting in a 1992 4.0L sohv So thank you I need the Diagrams for both 4.0l sohv 97 and 92 thank you again
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    1992 Alldata Computer Diagram

    I was wondering, since I can not find anything Does any one have access to ALL DATA I need 1992 Explorer 4.0L Computer Wire harness diagrams and also i need 1997 Ranger 4.0L Computer Wire harness diagrams for the enigne harness I am splicing the 2 together Thank you
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    Doug I could really use a hand with wiring a 4.0L swap

    Doug I could really use a hand with wiring a 4.0L swap
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    bushwacker type fender flres for first gen???

    I cut a modified Jeep Bushackers to fit Cut my fender to fit Jeep look
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    what size bolts to use with 3" body lift

    Grade 8 Bolts they must be at least 6 inchs long
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    Lift Kit Rating

    As the title says, I have heard and seen alot of stuff about the JAMES DUFF products and i was wondering if anyone is uses and what they think about it. I just bought the: Front Coil Springs Shocks Radius arm brackets Ibeam brackets doing a axle over convert for the rear...
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    Head Light Problems

    Okay so here it is, Major problem with my headlights and i think that this may be a big problem for other people too. Daytimes work most of the time. Headlight on, drivers does not work evan though the bulb is good. When click high beams on the dash indicator flickers and the light...
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    turbocharging my Explorer

    first thing Great looking truck Second i have turbocharging cars for about 4 years now and i have donea couple trucks but the problem i have run into is for those that want the power and off road the turbo need major air flow and it runs really hot so the spash of water and mud on really hot...
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    Manual Trans. Problem Shifting HELP

    Well hear is the issue, Evan with the clutch to the floor, hard amlost forcing into first and no matter what ahppens unless i shut it of grind going into reverse please if there is pins or anything any suggestions
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    Valve Cover Issues

    Yah Chrome would be nice but i would settle for just normal new ones i have buddy that triple plates anything in chrome
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    Valve Cover Issues

    Hey Everyone, I am new to the forums, i have owned my explorer for a little while now. Names, Justin From Ontario, Canada I need a little, looking into new valve covers, and gaskets mine are leaking big time and I am really wondering if any one could tell me where i can by the valve...