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  1. K

    BAD driveline vibration - Diagnosis? Tips?

    I think all of us with 1st gen xplorers have this giant vibrator feeling on the highway
  2. K

    wanted pic! All Silver 1st gen w/ all blk rims(i.e. rock crawlers)

    I searched the forum but couldn't find such an Ex. I know some of you can find just about any pic, please post.
  3. K

    a lilttle better than macco

    does anybody know of a nationwide body shop similar to macco that offers a little better work? Obviously for a little more $$$$
  4. K

    SS Thorns vs. BF Mud Terr

    Opinions wanted on quality on and off road. I know none of these is meant for the road but which one do you all think would last longer on the Black top.
  5. K

    Couldn't get into reverse this morning! Is the AA tranny adapter ready to order?

    just got off the phone with AA. The adapter won't be ready until the end of August. Local Transmission shop swears this tranny isn't so bad, that I should take it to him for a quote.
  6. K

    Couldn't get into reverse this morning! Is the AA tranny adapter ready to order?

    Well my 3rd tranny has been giving me problems for a while. For the past two months or so it doesn't come out of 1st gear until it warms up. Although, I have been through these symptoms before I've been hoping that this one would last a little longer. This morning I couldn't get it into reverse...
  7. K

    bigger lift, bigger shocks?

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I want to make sure. I spent a lot of money on my rancho adjustable shocks and wouldn't want to buy a whole new set. If I go from my current susp. lift to a bigger one these shocks will not work, right?
  8. K

    my 92explorer vs. a sport trac vs. a F-150 supercrew?

    I've had my 92 for about 8 years and I still love it, many modifications have helped me from getting bored of it. I thought that when the time came to get another car I would opt for a bigger truck (f-150 supercrew), but I believe that my transmission is going to go out soon(my third one). I...
  9. K

    For a second I thought I had fixed my 4x4 electric motor...please help!

    This morning I got on the net and pulled the directions out of the explorer tips section on how to fix the 4x4 electric motor problem when it doesn't engage after hitting the button on the dash. I figured I had the same problem on my 92' that many others have had. I could hear a clicking sound...
  10. K

    An Easy Body Lift???

    Daemon, how did you get your steering shaft to come out far enough to re-attach without the extension? I couldn't, so I'm using the extension and I have the same problem you described. I'm sure that its caused by this crappy extension that comes with the kit.
  11. K

    "Theft" light. What the...

    now that you brinig it up I saw something funny the other day. I never knew my car had a "little seat belt man" light until after I did my body lift. I guess by moving my seats around I moved some sensor wires for the seatbelts. Now this little light comes on and off when it wants. Robert
  12. K

    Here it is, what you've all been waiting for!

    rinky dinky tint guy Sean if the tint guy told you it couldn't be done, go somewhere else. This is what happens: Rear passenger and Cargo area have bronze factory glass, and front is completely clear. when you add black tints to the factory bronze it creates that mirror type image, which I...
  13. K

    Here it is, what you've all been waiting for!

    I like your ride sideswipe, Most people on this forum live out west and fix up there explorers in a very different manner (i.e. lift kits, bigger tires, etc.) However I'm probably one of the few who has done both. In the city where there is no offroading this looks real nice. I remember when my...
  14. K

    Lifting 93 Explorer Sport

    Jason thus far I have only lifted the truck without changing gears. I'm sure I don't have the fastest explorer out there but it runs ok. I've heard changing gears is really expensive and difficult to do myself so it is something that will have to wait, but something that I do plan on doing in...
  15. K

    33" tires and a P235 spare. What happens?

    Thanks I guess I shouldn't use that tire then. Holy s**t now where do I fit a 33" spare? I do plan on getting a roof rack with a spare tire holder, but that is gonna have to wait, until then I just pray I don't get a flat. Is there anything that can be done to the factory spare holder at...
  16. K


    I just want to know how you only put 25k in 3 years. Dang I put that in about a year and half. Oh well. Hope it wasn't your neighbors pet.
  17. K

    Lifting 93 Explorer Sport

    Welcome aboard! J, According to all the comparisons that we have done here all 90-94 explorers are different. On some you can put 31" tires without a lift. This wasn't the case for me, I went with a 2" suspension lift to fit my 31's. Now I added a 3" body lift to fit in 33's, they still rub...
  18. K

    33" tires and a P235 spare. What happens?

    Jon so what you are saying, is that if I'm engaged in four wheel drive it could mess something up? What about regular mode (2 wheel drive)? Will this be a problem also? Oh and I don't think I can trade in my firestone tire. This tire is the spare that came with my explorer in 92' Does anyone...
  19. K

    33" tires and a P235 spare. What happens?

    Guys bear with me if this is a stupid question. Since it is coming from someone who fortunately hasn't dealt with many flats. I'm running 33/12.50/15 BFG's and I still have that crappy firestone P235 size tire in my spare carrier. If I happen to get a flat will this suffice to get me out of...
  20. K

    KO's in rain?

    My experience!! or Expreriences!! Just wanted to add my .02 As you'll all see soon on the before after site, my truck has gone from stock with firestone 235's, to Dunlop 225/50/15's and a dropped suspension, to a 2" sus. lift with 31/10.50 BFG's, to finally 33/12.50 new BFG ko's. I'll tell...
  21. K

    Fender Triming- the body shop or myself ??? HELP!!

    Guys, I just got my 33x12.50 Bfg's. They look awesome and really stabilize my truck a lot better after my 3" body lift. Unfortunately what I assumed would happen did. THEY RUB! Damn it, I had the same problem when I got the 2" Suspension lift and my 31's. This is a perfect example of how...
  22. K

    Smitty built sure step w/ body lift

    I have the nerfs Chris, Yes, the steps go on the frame. I have had the Smitty built nerf bars for a few years and I always liked the way they looked (real close to the body). As you've probably read I just finished my 3" body lift, and to my surprise the nerfs continue to look real good. Of...
  23. K

    Anti-Sway Bars

    body roll Do these prevent body roll when cornering? I just installed a body lift and would like to corner without having slow down so much. It really feels like I'm going to go over when I corner. If the sway bar isn't a mod for this then what is? Poly bushings or what? Thanks, Robert
  24. K

    body lift.....problems......body lift......problems....body lift .....

    Well she is up and running! I was able to finish up my explorer yesterday, except for the rear bumper. I'm having a friend help me weld it in today after work. Yes, weld it. I've messed with those brackets left and right and I still can't get it to line up the way I want. Truly the only thing...
  25. K

    body lift.....problems......body lift......problems....body lift .....

    I know this topic has been tossed back and forth forever, and although many of us have done our body lifts already, there are always others that need to learn. So while I get some more help from you guys, hopefully others will learn as well. Some of you have probably followed my slow progress...