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    Intermittent Speaker Problem

    Please post the results of your trial so I'll have a better idea of what I should try.... I probably wan't have a chance to bust into mine until mid-April because of travel.
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    Intermittent Speaker Problem

    Ok, while this problem used to happen very rarely (once in 2-3 months), I was able to reproduce it today quite easily and at will. Here is what I did: 1) Turn the radio fader/balance to rear left, so it was clear when I was having a problem 2) Hit a small bump What would happen is the...
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    Intermittent Speaker Problem

    I've determined the head unit is not the problem since I've replaced it and the problem persists... I also made sure the connections to the back were good. In the previous post, I was referring to checking the connections at the amp and speakers and then trying to determine if there was a...
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    Intermittent Speaker Problem

    I should have mentioned that the head unit I put in was actually another stock unit (the original had developed another problem). So doing a bypass on the amp would probably not be a great idea. I should take a look at the connections though. I take it I need to pull off the side panel to get...
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    How to Install a Message Center

    If I'm able to salvage a wiring harness made for the M/C, won't it be just a matter of putting in the correct sensors and attaching them to the appropriate place in the harness?
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    Intermittent Speaker Problem

    Over the past few years I've had an intermittent speaker problem in the left rear of my 97 explorer. The left rear speaker would cut out or be very low volume sometimes (normally after hitting some bumps). I took it to the dealer several times while still under warranty and they could never...