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  1. J

    Explorer SiriusXM Stuck "Acquiring Signal" (Intermittent) 2018 Models

    I also have a 2019 Explorer Platinum that experienced this problem last September, then it magically disappeared and the radio worked great until a couple of days ago. The radio displayed a message that it was doing an update, and it was fine for a day, and now all I get is the message that it...
  2. J

    To buy extended warranty or not?

    I never asked, but it seems that they are a problem for most of the Explorers. Primarily the rears, but I have seen both front and rears all needing replacement, and one instance of all 4 being done at the same time.
  3. J

    To buy extended warranty or not?

    Normally I would say you would be foolish to gamble without the warranty, however, based on the mileage alone, I would be proactive and replace the water pump before it goes bad, and forgo the 3rd party warranty. When I bought our 2 2016 Explorers, I did purchase the extended warranty to 8...
  4. J

    Ford ESP at dealer cost to forum members

    I checked the in-service date on the Ford website by using the vehicle VIN, and it comes back as March 29, 2019. I then put the date plus this coming Tuesdays date into a date calculator, and it is 40 months and 19 days. Checking one of the online Ford dealer websites for warranty sales over...
  5. J

    Ford ESP at dealer cost to forum members

    I am looking at a 2019 Explorer Platinum to replace my 2016 Sport that was totaled last month. I found a 2019 platinum with 21040 miles but I can't figure out the date of the original sale from the Carfax report because it appears to have passed through a few dealer's hands before its final...
  6. J

    Cooled heated seat not working

    Our 2016 Limited had the same problem, and there is a hose that gets crimped. It was fixed once, and it happened again. The 2016 Sport, the cooled seats never worked, but the heated seats are far better than in the Limited. With Ford Explorers, not all cars are created equal. The seats in...
  7. J

    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    My dealer submitted it to ford, and never got an approval or a denial.. Told me that we have to start all over again, and now I can't give up the car for even a day. Guess that the next owner will have to deal with it. Dealer service is terrible!
  8. J

    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    Might you have this TSB, and be able to send me a PDF of it, or tell me where I might find it. When I asked about replacement, I was told NO! Thanks
  9. J

    Replaced rear wheel bearing, 2015 XLT w/ 21K miles

    My 2016 Sport has 36,000 (aprox) miles on it, and it is out of the 3 year warranty. Are rear axle bearings covered under the power train warranty? The reason for my asking, is I know that I have a bad rear axle bearing, and the noise is getting louder. I asked the Service Manager at the...
  10. J

    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    I was told by the dealership, that they will only repair this problem once, and if it comes back, it will be on my dime to fix the problem again. Was also told that they will not replace the entire hood, only sand, treat, and paint it. For this reason, I am thinking that it isn't worth having...
  11. J

    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    What is the one way to resolve this issue? Both of our 2016 Explorers are having the same issue. thanks
  12. J

    Radiator fan bearing noise 2016 Models

    When I had a part replaced, the service advisor told me that it was only warrantied for the balance of the new car warranty. If it has to be replaced again, once the new car warranty expires, then I have to pay the $100 deductible of the extended warranty.
  13. J

    Water pump failure leads to dead engine

    With the scoring of the bearing and housing, and the amount of heat marks that it is showing, I am wondering what was going on inside that engine to cause that. That scoring and resulting heat is what caused the seal to fail. I would also be wondering where those metal particles went. If they...
  14. J

    Oil Change interval

    The part that the person in the video is holding in his hand, is a $750 - $1000 part (my guess based on personal experience), and as such, it is worth using the best oil that you can find in your car, especially if it is a turbo. The part is the internal turbine and the impeller and it spins at...
  15. J

    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    Thanks for this informative post. I am curious of how many Ford Explorers that you have tested, and of that number, how many did you find CO levels inside of the cabin? Are there any specific brands of CO detectors that you can recommend to take these measurements in our own cars, without...
  16. J

    2016 Limited 2 strange Issues

    On our 2016 Limited, on a clear day, without a cloud in the sky, the windshield wiper will occasionally and randomly, sweep across the windshield. The second issue is that the lane keeping feature randomly turns off, and gives you no warning is you wander out of the lane, but do it a couple of...
  17. J

    Water pump failure leads to dead engine

    I said it about this time last year, that this water pump problem is going to wind up being a class action lawsuit, when enough owners wind up having engine failures. This is also going to affect the resale value of the vehicles in the future. Our two 2016 Explorers are at the 2 years of...
  18. J

    Oil Change interval

    I changed the full synthetic oil at the 6000 mile mark, and it had 38% oil life remaining. It was black, but I don't change oil based on color, but I do sniff the dipstick, for odors. After 50 years, I can tell when oil is going bad based on the sniff test. Some might think that this is...
  19. J

    Intelligent Access Key fob programming

    Thanks to both Peter and Jeff for posting this location. Junk...
  20. J

    Intelligent Access Key fob programming

    I have 2 working key fobs, and also a spare one that needs to be programmed, and I am willing to try Patrick's method, however, I just need to know exactly where the "key slot in the center console" (step 2) is located in the center console. A picture would be great, if someone could provide...
  21. J

    2016 Explorer Limited Drivers Seat

    We have both a 2016 Explorer Sport, and a 2016 Explorer Limited. When I drive the Sport, the seat goes back further than it does in the Limited. I asked the dealer to check the seat in the Limited, and he reported back that it was going back as far as the track will allow. I asked if they...
  22. J

    Water pump failure leads to dead engine

    It all depends on how they view the problem, and how they respond to it. In the early 1990's, Mercedes made wire harness's that the copper wire was insulated with a biodegradable material. Within 2 years of manufacture, the wire harness's started failing, and Mercedes made a replacement wire...
  23. J

    Floor mats/liners/cargo mats

    The Husky front liners that I purchased for 2 2016 Explorers, were out of shape when they came out of the boxes, and they never fit properly. Sent pictures to the company, and the response was "that is how they fit". On one mat, the locking plastic plug was broken, and they wouldn't even send...
  24. J

    Delivery Tomorrow 2016 Platinum Black/Black

    Pictures of a new car in the rain are the best. I had a picture of my antique car in the rain, and one of the vendors used it for the cover photo of their catalog.
  25. J

    2015 Ford Explorer XLT towing info

    It wouldn't be safe, and it would be illegal to exceed the manufacturers specifications.