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    which oil?

    if price is not an issue i would go with royal purple (or mobile 1 - only 1 dollar difference per qt) full synthetic oil with wix / mobile 1 / amsoil / k&n filter. i just put oreillys house brand full synthetic because they were running a deal on it with a wix filter. that was the other day...
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    Yes another shocks post!

    well me not knowing a lot about it just looked at the tires and they were rated for 44 psi so i aired them up to about 40. horrible ride lol. i have them at about 33 right now. haven't drove it since i did that earlier though.
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    Plug Wire diagram

    Does anyone know of a plug wire diagram that shows the correct wiring from distributor to cylinders? I swear I ran across one on this site before but can't seem to find it. I found this but I want to make sure I get the wiring correct (and validate that is it CURRENTLY correct) as this...
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    Quick Exhaust inquiry!

    cool that's about all the info i needed! thanks
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    Yes another shocks post!

    do you think if i let the air out of tires a little bit and ran like 33-35 psi it would be better.
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    Yes another shocks post!

    i've bee getting kind of the same vibe from reading some of the posts that the reflex are more suited for my driving style and for SUVs.
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    Quick Exhaust inquiry!

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    Yes another shocks post!

    how is the ride? stiff / soft? still pretty bumpy over rough roads? also did it cut down on the sway any and tighten up the suspension during turns? From what i've seen some people were doing reverse (sensa-tracs in the rear). I may just end up doing the reflexes all around.
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    Yes another shocks post!

    Have been reading a lot of posts about preferences etc but have seen very little discussion on this setup: Monroe Sensa-Trac in the rear and Reflex in the front. Anyone currently have this? What are your thoughts about it? I am picking up some shocks today and need some input on this...
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    Quick Exhaust inquiry!

    I currently have an exhaust leak on my 98 explorer so I plan to replace the exhaust. A lot of people recommended Flowmaster 40 muffler (as far as flowmasters which is what I want to go with) but I have chose to go with the Flowmaster 50 for a more quieter yet still beefy sound. There are like...
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    Small nitpick/question regarding power locks keyless FOB

    When I bought my 98 XLT the keyless fob that came with it was pretty much toast except for the circuit board. Buttons were gona battery dead. I bought a new housing and rubber button deal off ebay and a battery and the remote is back up and running like new. It locks / unlocks the car just...
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    Thats All She Wrote

    Man I hope mine makes it atleast 200k I would be happy considering what I bought it for. With that said could this have been avoided by having the tensioners replaced before mishap occurs? I have read all about the timing chain problems (or more like tensioner problems rather). I currently...
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    New shocks

    I am kind of interested in what you found out (if anything) as I will be replacing mine along with the balljoints / tie rod ends.
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    Wanted Information on how to change ball joints on my 2000 Ford Ranger XLT.

    Here is another video I dug up. Also check the stickies at the top of the subforum. There are posts with pictures in detail.
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    Wanted Information on how to change ball joints on my 2000 Ford Ranger XLT.

    This is for explorer but check this out.... should be a very similar setup for Ranger.
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    Disabling Automatic Door Locks 1998 XLT

    Yep I just did this the other day on my 98 XLT. Let me think... Put in your 5 digit unlock code, hold 7/8 and press and release 3/4. To reenable it I believe it is reverse (Hold 3/4 Press 7/8)
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    Driver side unlock button not working

    Ah I think I understand. Will go out in a bit and check it out!
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    Driver side unlock button not working

    do you mean the wiring that goes behind the driver's side door panel? or is it a different wiring? do you have the link that explains in detail?
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    Driver side lock troubles.

    Ah another question on this topic. My keyless FOB remote was not working due to battery. I replaced the battery and it works but when I try to lock the door with it they all lock except for my driver's door. The lock will go down and then come back up. All my power locks work fine (except...
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    Just a few questions

    No problem man. Keep us updated on what you find:thumbsup:
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    What to do about under powered 2000XLS

    As others stated regarding the throttle - Check out this video Not sure how good this trick will work on yours but worth a shot.
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    Just a few questions

    Ah yes you may be right then. I misunderstood and thought it was 4wd.
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    Rust - Should I be concerned?

    Ya I was going to do something similar to that Para - Just get under there with a drill / wirebrush and sandpaper if needed and start killing the rust. After seeing some of the vehicles here I am starting to have faith that mine isn't as bad as I thought haha. It's going to be a tedious time...
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    removing factory pinstripe

    I know this is an old thread but just sticking this in here for future reference. I just went out to remove my pin stripe. Took a few pics. Tools used: Plastic credit type card (don't use your real credit card because it will get messed up!), hair dryer. Grab yourself a beer or 10 because...
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    Just a few questions