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    change out headlight switch.

    I wanna put toggle switches in to replace faulty pull switch. don't really care about dimmer but want to be able to turn on dome light. is this fix/modification possible? can anybody point me in the right direction for finding a good wiring diagram for a '91 mazda navajo?
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    exterior driver side door handle broken

    thanks! you are the man!
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    compressor squeaking.

    the pulley in my a/c compressor it seems to have some bad bearings in it. is it a problem that requires immediate attention. many other issues also need atttention. overheating problem for starters.
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    91 coolant boiling over

    I came outside to find a puddle of coolant on the ground under my 91 navajo. it appears to have boiled over. any suggestions on the cause, or where to begin search?
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    exterior driver side door handle broken

    my handle broke as i was trying to open the door. when i got the door panel off and handle detached, i discovered that the rod connecting the handle to the latch assembly had broken. what i need to know is how to get the latch assembly detached from all the other rods (door lock, interior door...
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    91 sending unit

    i've no idea how to replace the sending unit on my navajo. i'm assuming it is my problem because my gas guage reads always full. (empty would suggest a float problem.) any pointers from start to finish would be appreciated.
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    broken fuel gauge

    Any thoughts on what to do about a fuel guage that reads completely full all the time? Calculating distance I am able to travel all the time sucks!
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    Fuel Gauge Reading Always Full

    My fuel gauge reads always full. because it does i'm assuming that it isn't problem of the float sinking. i don't really even know where to start looking. please help, i'm sick of trying to calculate how far i can go.
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    transmission won't engage.

    I was going down an onramp when there was a loud *THUNK* and from then on the trans won't engage in any gear. Just makes a weird winding noise. its a Automatic trans on a 4.0L '91 mazda navajo. Any thoughts on the cause?
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    Squirrelly 91 Navajo

    Thanks Id50. After jacking and shaking, the wheels do seem loose and there is a little play in the tie rod linkages. I'm gonna assume its ball joints because the hubs and bearings are brand spanking new. Probably cant hurt to replace the radius arm bushings and the rest of the various bushings...
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    Squirrelly 91 Navajo

    30,000mi since last alignment
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    Squirrelly 91 Navajo

    Its been about 30,000mi since its last alignment
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    Squirrelly 91 Navajo

    The suspension and steering on my 91 Navajo is real loose. Even the smallest bump in the road creates a lot of jostling and sway. Also, can be hard to keep in its lane. Seems to drift a lot. Its on the original shocks (235,000mi) which i'm sure is part of the problem. Any thoughts or suggestions...