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  1. J

    Pics of new Paint on 01sport.

    no I didn't tape off the carport. nice clear warm Florida day. and yes it is a single stage. Acrylic Enamel. I buy a bit of paint from those folks, and they mix a good paint.
  2. J

    Pics of new Paint on 01sport.

    yes. I painted it in my carport. Thanks.
  3. J

    Pics of new Paint on 01sport.

    Now I have the hood emblems in place, waiting for the rear emblems to come in.
  4. J

    Xlt explorer custom_s 1997

    Glenn, did you finish it?
  5. J

    Pics of new Paint on 01sport.

    sorry pics are so big. the color I decided on. the after paint.
  6. J

    Pics of new Paint on 01sport.

    Well, now her name is candy. she had a lot of bodywork issues, Dents and peeling clearcoat. so after all that was done, and the areas primed. here it is taped.
  7. J

    My ABS Problems Continue

    just asking because an "old school mechanic" buddy of mine was having all sort of screwed up issues on the 2002 mustang ABS, he was telling me all about it. I told him if he brought it over to my shop, I would be happy to look at it for him. When he drove up, he had huge tires on the back...
  8. J

    How is it possible?

    Mine felt like they were welded into the heads. But be careful (hence 2 hours), and drive on. :)
  9. J

    Think Outside The Box

    I had all of these same symptoms. scan, replace, scan, replace. I finally had to think outside the box. It turns out, that by replacing my stock TPS with a TPS from and 01 mustang v-6, fixed all my issues. (shrug). I have a write up in (modified 1995-2002 whatever explorers). 01 sport...
  10. J

    How is it possible?

    I did my plugs on the 01 sport I just got this past weekend. took me two darn hours. (finally figured the inner wheel well removal on passenger side trick). mine were original plugs, and it was still running good. HOWEVER!!! 4 of the 6, the small "node" was burned down even with the plug...
  11. J

    How to: Overhead console display fix - 2nd Gen

    just did mine on my 01 sport this past weekend. had 1 of them that the end was actually sticking up, and one of the legs going to the display was also broken. soldered both of them, and the "leg" performs great now. Thanks again.
  12. J

    Explorer Sport

    LOL, sorry I did a write up almost word for word to this when I got my 01 4.0 sport. tried everything, finally intake gaskets, and it fixed the issue. good luck.
  13. J

    My ABS Problems Continue

    stupid questions, but are all 4 tires the same size?
  14. J

    For those who've installed HID fog lights, how the heck do you plug them in?

    when I did mine, I had to buy the actual HID kit (vehicle specific). the connectors on the HID ballast plugged right in, but the HID bulbs won't just plug and play. they do make a 9006 HID wanna be (Not True HID) bulbs, that do not require a ballast, that will plug and play.
  15. J

    shifting issue 01 Sport

    Perseverance furthers. It is fixed. I had it scanned again, this time said TPS and Air Intake Temp Sensor ( incorporated into MAF). I had already bought a new TPS, a couple of days before. Advance said it could have been a bed one, so they exchanged it. No difference. so I thought clogged...
  16. J

    question about wheels

    I ran 33's with my 2WD, and no rubbing on stock wheels. it is shown in the thread link in my signature. (no cutting/trimming etc.)
  17. J

    shifting issue 01 Sport

    I have already put a new tranny filter/pan gasket, and refilled with fluid (almost zero on contaminants metal, dirt etc) in the pan. very clean. It was doing this when I got it, and the filter change made no difference. I've been wrenching for over 30 years, and this has me stumped... any...
  18. J

    shifting issue 01 Sport

    wow that was a huge pic. sorry I need to get good at this again. it's been a while.
  19. J

    shifting issue 01 Sport

    and a pic, of the new Explorer after a week and a half of HARD work on it.
  20. J

    shifting issue 01 Sport

    no check engine light, no current codes. There was a "stored" 02 sensor, that wasn't cleared. but that is it. Thanks.
  21. J

    5.0, zf-5, np205

    looking good.
  22. J

    shifting issue 01 Sport

    shifting issue 01 Sport - final fix I posted this in the transmission section about 6 days ago, and haven't gotten a response. I know i hate double posting also, but i could really use some knowledge on this. I have a 2001 sport V-6 automatic. I don't have flair up, or slipping. the...
  23. J

    Cargo area rattles

    does it have the factory subwoofer in the rear passenger side of the cargo area?
  24. J

    Tranny won't kick down. HELP!!

    Okay, first of all I have a 2001 sport. 4.0 auto transmission. The issue is, it goes through 2nd and 3rd really quick, no bumping/jolting or anything, it is very smooth. and it doesn't slip. however, it doesn't hold those gears long enough to get up to speed properly. 2nd, when you put...
  25. J

    Maters sick and i need help.

    I can continue with this thread. My wife sold it and bought a Mustang. (very nice). and I have had two vehicles since I sold the Juggernaut. So I bought this one back, it has more issues now, but I liked it when she had it. so major overhaul. (paint/body/mechanicals/lift or drop) who knows...