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    Key Fob Issues

    Key fob and keyhole I went to the dealer yesterday to look at a similar car to the one I ordered. They had a limited with keyless entry, one that comes with the key fob. I have this currently on my escape. Exact same looking fob. On the escape there is no keyhole on the door handle. On the...
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    Water Leak

    I'm having my 13 ford escape replaced by ford (Via BBB Autoline arbitration-> they are being forced to replace the car), because I have a leaky A-pillar. I ordered a '15 explorer to replace the escape. Annnd now I read that the explorers have leaks? Is this associated with moonroof or...
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    Power assist 2nd row buckets

    Hi everyone, I am soon to order a 2015 explorer limited. I will get the 300A package, and I will add 2nd row bucket seats. 300A does not come standard with powerfold 3rd row seats. Does anyone know if I still get powerfold 2nd row buckets? Maybe someone out there has the 300A with buckets?