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    Transmission fluid leak from oil cooler fitting

    Make sure you are not getting transmission fluid in the rad. (because if you are, you are probably getting radiator fluid in your transmission also-not good) Been there. Done that. I had a new rad from napa put un for about $350.00. Unfortunately, I also had to have my tranny rebuilt for...
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    Whining noise

    Got the Mr. Goodwrench dash warning light Friday morning just befofre I pulled into the office. Shut off the EX and started back up and voila!...the wrench disappeared. Went for another 5mile test run and no wrench. A few times during the day, no light but occasionally heard a quick whine...
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    Transmission Cooler

    Had my radiator replaced a few weeks ago. Radiator had been slightly leaking for a while as a lot of others. Purchased a Koyo(?) radiator and had a local mechanic replace it. Before I dropped it off, to my horror, I discovered that there was now transmission fluid in my radiator. I told him...
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    2007 radiator removal

    Can someone tell me how the he!! to remove a radiator from a 2007 Ford explorer 4.0 V6. Removed the overflow, shrowd, tranny lines, hoses, splash guard, etc. The radiator was loose... loose I tell you!!! I could lift it about 3/4" out of the support but it hits a support bracket for the AC...
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    Coolant Reservoir Low

    Have a 2007 Explorer 4.0 and filled the coolant reservoir about two weeks ago. (not quite empty) Fast forward 1200 miles. Looked at the reservoir today and it's at the same level it was two weeks ago. (Not quite empty) The oil looks good so I don't think its the head. The radiator level seems...
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    97 Explorer Auto Tranny Dipstick 4.0

    Anybody know what years this is interchangeable with or direct me to a site that I can cross-reference it with?? I guess I can call Ford.