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    Strange electrical problem

    Hi all: Recently, my left turn signal started blinking rapidly, so I replaced the rear bulb (I could see the front was working). This did not fix the problem. I started fiddling with things a bit, and noticed the following: 1: The left rear brake light doesn't work either (even with new...
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    Muffler Too Loud....

    Lazzman: If it's not too late, the resonator may still be an option for you. I recently put a Flowmaster Super 40 muffler on my Sport. I didn't like the interior drone either, and couldn't find room for a resonator. My buddy fabbed up a custom resonator to go on the end of the exhaust...
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    computer chip and other aftermarket parts info

    Hi rama1200: Cobra's would look pretty good, I think :D Bigger wheels will probably have more rolling inertia. Upgrading brakes will help bring your stop times back down. Not many options here, though. Cross-drill your rotors and get some good aftermarket brake pads. Wider tires can...
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    Newbie Q: Extreme lowering - how to do?

    Wow. Interesting. Your paint guy needs to be fired. It isn't very shiny. To me, the front bumper looks like one from a Ford Focus (at least that's what they're called in the U.S.). Not bad for a body kit. Regards, John.
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    What's up with the "Sport" model?

    Keep in mind that driving style has a big influence on mileage. I've been recording my mileage for about a month. I drive about a 50/50 mixture of city/highway about 75 miles a day, and have averaged about 17mpg when using my usual heavy-footed driving style. The last couple of fill-ups I...
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    Advice needed on front brake issue

    Hi TheJMan: I have had the same squealing problem with my brakes. I tried new pads, and the blue goo that you're supposed to put on the back of the pads. In both cases, the fix lasted about 2 weeks. Then I took the brakes apart and spent about 2 hours cleaning and buffing all the stamped...
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    show off your LOWERED truck

    Here you go: More pics in my registry page. Regards, John.
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    Installation: ClearGearz 8.8" Clear Differential Cover

    Great writeup: Just be careful what you use to clean that polycarbonate cover with when you take it off next time. Acetone, Laquer thinner, and most brake cleaning solvents will craze the surface, turning it white almost immediately upon contact. Regards, John.
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    My '01 Sport - a work in progress...

    Thanks spindlecone! Great idea. Regards, John.
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    My '01 Sport - a work in progress...

    Posted some updated pictures. Enjoy. Regards, John.
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    15-35% mileage increase

    Hi all: I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread. I started baselining my mileage yesterday, so I can experiment later if I decide to. I want to make one comment... Increasing the octane of your fuel does not, by itself, increase performance of your engine. It does permit it to be tuned for...
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    rear hatch recall

    Hi mhking: I used to live in Anderson. Fairway Ford sucked way back then, so your experience doesn't surprise me at all. I've had better success with other dealerships in the Greenville - Spartanburg area. As others have said, they should have offered you a loaner. You should insist on...
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    pin stripes???

    Hi mikeresin: I just waited for a hot day. Since my Ex is black, it came off easily. Sorry, but I don't have a pic yet. Regards, John.
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    Explorer 01 plastic trim

    Hi Brian: '01 and newer Explorer Sports (2 door) and Sport Tracs (4 door with truck bed) have a section of the front bumper, rocker moldings and a rear bumper that are unpainted plastic. Other Explorers had everything painted. I understand that new Sport Tracks can be had with painted...
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    Explorer 01 plastic trim

    Hi BBQ: I agree that you have to find the right person who is able to do it. However, in my search, I learned that the Sport front bumper comes from Ford to the body shop with some sort of special primer on the part to be painted. At least one paint guy said the primer is what makes the...
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    Narrowing down Rear Wiper problem?

    Hi all: I opened it up, but couldn't find anything visibly wrong with it. I called the dealer and found out there's a core charge, so I decided not to mess with it too much. I just bought a new one ($65 + $35 core) and put it in. It works great now. Hopefully it's fixed. Regards, John.
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    Free mods.

    Hi Espresso: I've modded the EGR circuit on other vehicles (S-10's and other GM) before. It can dramatically effect in-town drivability, but does nothing for maximum acceleration as the EGR valve is closed at WOT anyway. I haven't tried it on my Explorer, mainly because it doesn't have the...
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    8.8 Explorer Rear End Mods?

    Hi Gjeepy: I have more experience with Mustangs than Explorers, but the 8.8 can handle 500hp with drag radials all day long. Most serious racers upgrade to 31 spline axles (from stock Mustang 28 spline), but the Explorer already comes with those. At higher power levels, common sense (and...
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    C-notching the rear.

    Hi Expo5.0: I would use the stock leaves with blocks until you are sure of your final ride height and ride quality. Such large blocks will probably cause some spring wrap issues on hard acceleration, but it would be relatively inexpensive and easy to change ride height. Once you know you're...
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    Narrowing down Rear Wiper problem?

    No. I found out a new one costs $50, so I've put it off. I just blew my "Explorer mod" budget for this month on a hood scoop, and I'm still recovering from new wheels and tires last month. This weekend, I might take it back out and crack it open. Maybe it's fixable. I figure I've got...
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    tinting tailights...

    Just curious, how did you get the part of the taillight that slopes behind the glass? I didn't think you could get paint in there with the glass in. Guilty. :D But in my defense, I was also working on a defective rear wiper motor, and had to have the hatch liner out anyway. If it...
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    tinting tailights...

    Hi joker: You CAN remove the CHMSL and tint it properly. It's not really that hard. I've done it, so I know. It does take some time, and you'll probably need a helper. Here are the steps: 1: With the rear hatch closed, open the rear window. 2: Have a helper hold rear window while you...
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    My '01 Sport - a work in progress...

    Hi S~Writer: Welcome to the site. I don't think Ford ever put black interiors in Explorers, especially in leather. You could get your seats recovered by an upholstery shop. There are a few companies that sell replacement seat covers in many different colors and materials that you could...
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    EE sway bar - is this right?

    Hi jordan23: Make sure the bushings are lubricated properly. The EE kit doesn't really come with enough. Make sure the split collars aren't so tight that they are binding. Also, make sure the lube groove in the collars is facing the bushing or the lube can squeeze out. Regards, John.
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    EE sway bar - is this right?

    I think you could probably mount it upside down, but it would interfere with having the spare under the back of your Ex. As far as performance, from a theoretical standpoint, it would work just about as well upside down as rightside up, provided it doesn't make contact with any of the underbody...