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    How to make optima yellow top fit

    did you even read and consider what sws posted? Take a moment and google what he said. The Sears Platinum is a better battery, it is a AGM just like the optima and has better performance and shh...better warranty. It is actually a rebadged Oddyssey battery. I had a yellow top it last just over a...
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    headlight adjusting (aiming)

    I would say its 4mm and I have a 4mm socket in my sears mechanics set that is 15+ years old. I also saw this If you really want them aimed perfectly go to a good body shop they will have aiming devices...
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    Using an SCT SF3 tuner on two Explorers

    no ALL tuners are like that, they spend a lot of time and research to crack the programming code for all these vehicles. Why would they let you be able to use it one 2, 3 ,4, 5 or 25 different cars, what would stop someone from "renting" it out on craigslist or in their car club if you could use...
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    Oil Leaks - worth fixing?? Insane Quote??

    Excellent! Now thats the shop your family should use in the future.
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    1996 Key question

    I have a 1996 XLT with security systerm, does the key have a chip in it? I only have one key and tried to get a copy and guy at hardware store claims it is chipped because it has a letter stamped on key. Everything I see online is that 1996 explorer does not have pats keys.
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    Oil Leaks - worth fixing?? Insane Quote??

    I think he was trying to either make a nice amount of money off you or get your truck from you REALLY cheap so he could have a vehicle to smash up. I wouldnt go back there ever again but thats just me. I would try and get it passed at another station unless he flagged it in the system for those...
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    Oil Leaks - worth fixing?? Insane Quote??

    Is he the same shop that failed it for inspection? I cannot believe they fail vehicles for oil leaks in ME, thats crazy! Have a male friend or relative bring it to shop with you, a lot of mechanics see a woman come in and they are going to try and take advantage, good for you for not falling for...
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    How can you tell if the 4 X 4 is working

    Rockauto does have the part, its under drivetrain, the 4wd hub locking solenoid. the have the right and left one and a lot cheaper the A1
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    1996 Cranks but Wont start....Fuel pump?

    It was the fuel pump, $180 bucks with a new filter and got to do it in my brother in-laws garage on the lift.
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    1996 Cranks but Wont start....Fuel pump?

    Hey guys my explorer started when I pulled it out of the driveway, shut it off to move my other car into the driveway and when I went to start it again it would not start, it cranks and sounds like its not getting gas. I checked the fuel pump fuse in power distribution box and it looks good...
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    Complete Brake Job

    you can't beat for prices or if you need same day check advancedauto online and pickup in store, like this weekends deal was 20% off and if you spend 100 or more you get a $50 coupon to use between Feb 3rd and march 1st.
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    Switched/Ignition On Power Source (installing heated seats)

    What kit did you use for the seats? I have a 96 with power seats I want to install it on. Did you remove the seats from the truck to do it?
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    Anyone help identify this noise? Thanks

    interesting the new one is from Advanced.... I'll check that out thanks :thumbsup:
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    Anyone help identify this noise? Thanks

    Hello my gf has a 1996 Ford Explorer with 133K miles on it. I just replaced the belt and tensioner pulley a month ago. THis noise started last week, then stopped now its back. It mostly just does it with the auto trans in gear at idle, it does it a very little bit in neutral or park but only...