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  1. J

    5speed manual into 93 expo that came with a4ld

    has anyone performed this operation before and what tranny hooks up to a 93 4.0 with 4wd, i have a burned up 14ld in my truck now and am deciding to go manual trnasmission but wondering what tranny comes with th truck in the 4wd 5 speed version and what else i would need to perform said task...
  2. J

    Gear/transmission issues with 33s.

    trans/ gear issues with 33s my transmission wont stay in overdrive or even shift into it with 3.73s and my 33s, what gear ratio is right for my truck any ideas, had 4.88s and were way to high, have long travel fiberglass and coil overs
  3. J

    Gear/transmission issues with 33s.

    i have a 93 explorer eddie bauer, long travel 4wd front with dual rates and coil overs, and rear a leaf setup, fiberglass all around, my transission does not wanna stay shifted in overdrive when on the freeway, when i towed my fresstyle jet skiis on a trailer, roughly about maybe 1000 lbs it...
  4. J

    revised: 4 linked long travel explorer

    ok si lacked before stating, i have 18'' travel in the front of my rig already, and fiberglass fenders all the way around and runnin 33s and an 8.8 rear still. i might be convinced to do leaves if anyone has any idea what deaver pack to run and to run with shackles or not and where to get as...
  5. J

    4 linked long travel explorer

    trying to link my 93 and still use the existing fuel tank, any ideas,