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    3rd row seat up and sub box pics please.

    Give me a day or so i will get pics up my buddy and I custom built one. If u can find my e-mail address shoot me one.
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    2004 explorer

    I noticed that my 04 had electronic throttle where my 02 was a cable and its not the same
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    HEC Instrument Cluster Diagnostics

    I am not sure if anyone knows about this or not but I found out how to read info off the OBC using the odometer. so far I have seen this work on a 02 explorer, mustang and focus as well as my 04 explorer. Here are the steps, I am not sure what all the codes mean. 1. Put the key in the...
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    04 4dr Xlt

    Hey, I'm Chris from Langhorne Pa (outside of Philadelphia) I just got my XLT 2 months ago and already smacked out a fog light while playing in the rolling hills of West Virginia (my girlfriend goes to school there). I love every bit of it, this of course being my second one. I had a 02 Mineral...