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    need 93 Explorer OEM AM/FM/Cass head unit

    Guys: I need to find a stock Ford OEM in-dash AM/FM/Cassette head unit for a 1993 Ford Explorer (EB model) with the JBL premium sound option. Anybody got a unit leftover from an audio upgrade project ? Thanks for any assistance or advice. Skip Pendle
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    Help, my engine is suffering.

    Since you report that the roughness is present from idle through acceleration to cruise at 50MPH, it sounds like there is a cylinder that is not doing its job. The easiest way to verify this is to remove one plug wire at a time from the ignition module...the one that doesn't make any...
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    Cruise control not working

    The easiest part to check is the vacuum hose which not only has a tendency to rub through but is too restrictive. Pull the hose at both ends and examine it carefully for the full length. While you are at it, verify that the vacuum check valve is sealing tight (it is just where the hose...
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    Egads!! Whats that smell?

    Before you spend money on a new cat, change your brand of gasoline for a couple of tankfulls. What you are smelling is sulfur dioxide. The source of the sulfur is the gasoline. When catalytic converters were first introduced the "rotten egg" smell was not uncommon due to levels of sulfur in...
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    Resetting The Computer

    The reason for removing the negative battery cable first is to reduce the possibility of having a short circuit (with lots of fireworks)to the chasis via the wrench when removing the positive cable. For reseting the computer, or working on any electrical component for that matter, it is only...
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    Name that noise.

    Perform a careful hot check (engine and drive train at operating temperature) of the transmission fluid level as described in the owner's manual or in Haynes. The "boys" may not have filled your unit correctly.
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    Cold start up shakes whole truck

    Would you pull the choke knob if you had one? If so, it appears that the computer does not know that the engine is cold because the engine coolant temperature sensor is not communicating. Without this input the computer will not enrich the mixture required for a stable cold engine operation.
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    91 expl overheating

    Check your exhaust system for blockage or restrictions. A significant portion of engine cooling is via the exhaust gases, not just the radiator, and any restriction of exhaust flow will make the engine run hotter. With the engine between 1500 and 2000 RPM, listen at the exhaust pipe (taking...
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    Propane powered Excursion

    Gentlemen: You must read between the lines. The United States imports on the order of 45% of its petroleum needs. That means that the other 55% comes from where? Yup, off of lands mostly owned by the people of the United States. Now, since when did OPEC gain authority to set crude oil...
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    feels like my truck is gonna stall.. please help!!

    I believe your truck has a power steering pressure sensor which detects when you are turning the wheels (in other words, loading the power steering pump). This signal is used by the computer to open the Idle Air Bypass Solenoid to slightly increase the engine idle speed to forstall engine...
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    Dancing Voltage???

    Before you go after the alternator, check your ground cable from the battery, and all other visible ground connections under the hood. Also, have the battery checked for a low level or weak cell.
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    What should I do/check while I can

    Some quick thoughts: - Carefully inspect the underside with a good light: your looking for dings, unusual stains, build-up of dirt, rust or corrosion, kinked, cracked or damaged fuel and hydraulic brake lines, things like that. Then specifically: - Check that the cat heat shield is tight and in...
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    is it normal for the A/C to cycle so much?

    S.Matsushige: I don't have experience with the R-134 conversions myself. Here in the "other world" (Central America) buying R-12 is as easy as finding bottled water. (You see, Mr. I Love My Planet Al Gore himself was involved with convincing Dupont to continue production of R-12 for another...
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    is it normal for the A/C to cycle so much?

    In your 91 (and thru 93 at least) the AC compressor is activated by 2 switches in the AC control panel: the fan push button (with orange light indication), and a small end switch that is made in the "defrost" position. Frequent cycling is ususally caused by air in the Freon system. The AC...
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    cut it off or keep it ??

    This may sound like dotting the t's and crossing the i's, but I want to support the comments of the others here by repeating a reply I made to a similar question some time ago. It is precisely the development of the catalytic converter that allows us all to have a choice of some pretty nice...
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    Rear wiper arm trouble

    Dr. Doug: Evidently your plastic rest has pulled away from the sheetmetal. Mine was only a little loose but not enough for the wiper arm tab to fit between it and the bodywork. My plan "B", which I didn't have to do, was to superglue the plastic rest so that the upper point was flush with the...
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    Surging with cruise control

    Check the vacuum hose for an obstuction or leak. I recently installed a new cruise control hose with one having a larger internal diameter which improved overall control performance.
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    Rear wiper arm trouble

    I had a similar problem after I changed the wiper blade with a refill. Turns out that the wiper blade hight determines how far the wiper arm is carried above the glass and thus if it will hang-up on the tip of the plastic rest or allow the wiper to slide into the park position. It's a close...
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    vacum lines

    The vacuum line that goes back to the manifold vacuum takeoff at the rear of the engine MUST be plugged. The other line that went to the hot air diverter valve and the hot air tube you can put in a bottom drawer somewhere until you need them for your next vehicle inspection. [This message has...
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    what oil to use?

    Regardless of brand or type of oil, with winter coming up be sure to use 5W-30 or at the very least 10W-30 weight to reduce the load and enhance initial engine lubrication on cold starts.
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    A/C not disengageing

    The AC compressor is designed to operate in the "defrost" position. It is in fact the switch that makes this happen and that is mounted on the air distribution control that is probably stuck in the "on" position. The orange light does not come on with this function. You can see the switch by...
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    Code #113 is: IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor is/was high or open.
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    Vacuum Lines and Air Box

    This set-up is there to pre-heat the intake air for quicker warm-up and to de-ice the intake manifold during sub-freezing weather. The line going below the air box is connected to a diverter valve in the air intake that mixes outside cold air and hot air that comes from an "oven" attached to...
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    Magic Oil Additives a.k.a. Snake Oil

    I found this on a consumer board and re-post it here for general interest: A company that makes "one of the largest selling motor oil additives sold in the U.S." has settled with the FTC over charges that it protects engines from excessive wear and prolongs engine life. Prolong Super...
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    What first a TB or MAF?

    Dean: Replace the unit (TB or MAF) that has the smallest internal diameter first.