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  1. J

    For Sale Boyd Coddingtons

    Price drop....$1000 takes them
  2. J

    Moog hub bearings.

    Still for sale...
  3. J

    Moog hub bearings.

  4. J

    1995 - 2001 Ford Explorer 4WD Front Hub Bearing Pair with ABS Sensor

    I'm selling a pair of moog bearing for 175 plus shipping if your interested.
  5. J

    Moog hub bearings.

    sweet just let me know
  6. J

    2000 limited with parts for sas swap

    So I've decided to sale my project explorer. Moving and need money. As of now it still has the ifs on the front. The rear has 4 inch superlift leaf springs. Still have the factory ones. Have dana 44 from a wagoneer that need to be regeared and cleaned up. Have brand new hubs and rotors for axle...
  7. J

    Moog hub bearings.

    Yes i do.
  8. J

    For Sale Boyd Coddingtons

    I am selling my 20's. There are Boyd Coddington Shadows. The tires are 275/40 and have about 80% tread left. I have them on CL for $2k but will do $1500 for this site.
  9. J

    Moog hub bearings.

    Still for sale.
  10. J

    Moog hub bearings.

    Price drop....175 plus shipping
  11. J

    Moog hub bearings.

  12. J

    Moog hub bearings.

    Hi guys and gals I'm selling a brand new in the box pair of moog hub bearings for 2 gen explorer (95-01). I purchased them then decided to do SAS. I'm asking 200 plus shipping. If you have been looking for replacement hubs then you know this is a deal. Just let me know if interested my zip is...
  13. J

    Wheels and tires

    Yeah its mine but that was several years ago. I'm in the process of doing a sas on it now.
  14. J

    Hey man, was wondering if i could pick your brain about your build. I'm local 467 and my buddy...

    Hey man, was wondering if i could pick your brain about your build. I'm local 467 and my buddy goes to 342 and sent me your explorer. I was like damn what a small world. He might come up to you to pick your brain as well. Just hit me back would love to see your explorer.
  15. J

    Wheels and tires

    Ever think about 20's?
  16. J

    Using superlift 4inch leaf springs on sas

    Hey guys Im just starting to piece parts together for a sas conversion. My question is has anybody tried using the superlift 4 inches leaf springs up front on a sas? Is it even possible? Just picked up a 88 wagoneer dana 44 and trying to get the parts before starting. Thanks for the help and...
  17. J

    Boyd Coddington Shadows For sale

    Hey guys and girls I am selling my 20" shadows with Goodyear Eagle II's with about 90% tread life left. Asking 2k but open to hear offers.
  18. J

    Front end noise

    Hey guys, been awhile since I posted. Having trouble's that I can't figure out. I have a rubbing noise in the front end that goes away when turning left. I have recently changed the driver side cv. Both wheel bearings and brake. All new upper and lower ball joints with new tie rod ends. I'm...
  19. J

    Wild Country RVT

    Wow I have no idea where that is.
  20. J

    Solved Lifts and Max tire sizes

    I plan on getting 285/75/16 BFG AT will they fit with 2" suspension and 3"BL?