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  1. J

    Grill overlay

    Morning @everybody, thinking of buyng a new Explorer within the next six month, could be an XLT 4x4. What I do dislike on the new Explorer is the lack of a chrome grille. What do you think? Is there a after market alternative?
  2. J

    FL820S oil filter won't fit SOHC engine

    Morning @everybody, this is just a weird one. Some time ago I gave a FL820S oil filter to a friend for his next oil service. Yesterday he changed oil but the filter doesn’t fit his ’98 SOHC 4.0/245. He claims oil filter bolt thread on his Explorer is ¾” (19mm), not 22mm a FL820S has. So a...
  3. J

    '02 Explorer tailgate hard to open

    Good morning everybody, seems the winter is over, so I am doing some maintenance on our Explorers. Tailgate (not glass hatch) on '02 XLS didn't stay open anymore so I exchanged tailgate support (gas springs). But you won't believe, new gas springs don’t really help. My first idea was I got...
  4. J

    Rear End Howl

    @grn03exp, we had a similar problem with our ’02 at 80k mls. When going through Ford TSBs sooner or later you ‘re going to stumble over the diff issue. But before digging into this I’d try to find out what it really is. A running out wheel bearing has similar sound signature. Read my...
  5. J

    Steering Wheel Cover

    Morning @all, had a similar problem. See this older thread:
  6. J

    Tailights, orange indicators

    @count, there were ‚Export‘ tail lights made (Australia/Pacific/Japan) for the ‘02 to ’05 that fit the ’05 to ’10, too. But unfortunately for you they do only fit 4-door units, no Sport, nor Sport Trac. I had modified some tail lights in the past. Always added an amber bulb with socket...
  7. J

    Radiator replaced on '07 EB 4.0

    Howdy @Chuhbaka, if I do remember correctly the rad itself was around $170 and the four tools (36mm wrench, 56mm wrench, tranny line tool, filling nozzle) were around $100. Hope this helps!
  8. J

    Radiator replaced on '07 EB 4.0

    Dear @all, well, replacing the radiator was not a complicated thing. But I realized the automotive world changed after I have done these kinda jobs before. I do remember repairing/replacing the radiator and water pump of my ’93 F150 351W say ten years ago. No special tools needed to remove...
  9. J

    Radiator replaced on '07 EB 4.0

    Howdy, well, had already changed the cap to a 16psi (1.1 bar) version last year.
  10. J

    Radiator replaced on '07 EB 4.0

    Dear @all, our ‘07 EB 4.0 had started using water in summer ’11, only a little. No puddles, no drips on the garage floor but visible in the overflow tank . After an extended search (full scale investigation) I found out that the radiator had cracks in the net, coolant hasn’t any exhaust...
  11. J

    Test brakes

    Dear all, after doing some maintenance on our ‘07 EB yesterday evening a friend came up with ths question: Can you check your brakes on a brake roller stand with a 4x4 Advance Trac RSC equipped vehicle? Thank you for your help!
  12. J

    Gauge light bulb replacement

    Morning Lukas, thank you for answering and submitting this thread. But that won’t answer my question. Was not sure how to get the gauge panel out. Checked FoMoCo ’07 Explorer workshop manual and finally found an exploded view. Ya know, pictures can tell more than 1000 words. So in the...
  13. J

    Dragging brake

    Just to share a phenomenon. After changing out the rear brake pads of our ’02 Explorer back in 2008 there was a dragging rear right brake just a day later. I cleaned the pads and pushed back the caliper and everything went fine for some 10k mls. In Spring 2011 when I started to use the ’02 only...
  14. J

    Gauge light bulb replacement

    Dear @all, one bulb that illuminates the water temp gauge went out last weekend, is it easy to replace the bulb? Thank you for your help!
  15. J

    06 onwards windshield

    Dear @all, what I dislike a little on the '06 onwards is the windshield does not have a colored sun/band filter. Are there aftermarket windshields having this option say like a ’02 to ’05?
  16. J

    Diagnosing rear growling noise

    @magsnwill, had bought a complete kit with hub & bearing. Because the old hub came out easily w/o damage I reused it and kept the new hub for repair events to come.
  17. J

    Additives To Quieten Rear End Whine

    @MikeTech, I had a wine at the rear on our ’02. But it turned out it was a running out wheel bearing, not something in the 3rd member. As far as you cannot rule out a wheel bearing it makes no sense changing the fluid. And if a differential is becoming loud, say developing a whine while...
  18. J

    Earth Pearl

    Dear@all, while searching for another Explorer (Sport Trac) I stumbled over a colour called 'Earth Pearl'. I haven’t found any pictures of ‘Earth Pearl’, seems to be similar of ‘Charcoal Beige’, isn’t it?
  19. J

    Steering wheel, leather peeling

    Negatory @kam327, the first things I look for when inspecting a used vehicle is: -steering wheel condition -driver seat condition -pedal pad conditin -wheel edge condition A steering wheel cover is a 'no go' anyway.
  20. J

    Steering wheel, leather peeling

    @kam327, well, it depends to what kind of level you like to maintain or repair your vehicles. When I saw your pic, my first thought was 'did you lay down that hog by yourself before you skinned it?' Funny the wedding ring idea, but not feasible, or maybe feasible if you wear a...
  21. J

    Brake caliper bleeder valve ripped off

    Thank you guys for reply. Yes, my first idea was to order me a new caliper, just a $50 affair. I checked RockAuto and found out rear calipers are the same from '01 to '10. Fortunately I do have a rear right caliper in stock for our '02 Explorer. They seem to be identical. But... the...
  22. J

    Ford Max batteries

    @Lukas2009, European Bosch batteries won't fit vehicles made in the US of A. Their cases are metric and way too small to fit snugly a battery tray from a f.e. Explorer. So you must have compromised somehow your tray, haven't you.
  23. J

    Steering wheel, leather peeling

    @El Guapo, removing the air bag is easy as you follow the correct procedure. This is not the time for a 'men do not need any procedures' like Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor. Deactivating the SRS means first removing the fuse 17 from the SJB and then disconnecting the battery. Hope this helps.
  24. J

    Brake caliper bleeder valve ripped off

    Dear @all, yesterday I wanted to sevice the brake fluid on our '07 EB. Unfortunately I ripped off a bleeder valve of a rear caliper. Head with hexagon is ripped off, valve itself is still in the caliper. No ridge to use a vice or similar. Away from ordering a new caliper, is there a...
  25. J

    Engine fail

    Well, I do feel we encounter two problems here, either seems to be a language barrier, the other is the background in working cars. Doing translation through google may be feasible when asking for weather but not for an in depth technical investigation, otherwise this will become kinda...