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    5th wheel

    yeah.. that's pretty much I'm getting. But now they have the equalizer hitches, and that's supposed to be pretty nice on a bumper pull. That's probably what I'm gonna end up doing. Thanks guys!
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    5th wheel

    it is bolted thru to the frame... the biggest issue is that you can't get the a-frame mounted over the rear axle. Too close to the cab. I just thought I'd see if anyone out there actually tried it. ;) .. thanks guys. ;) .
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    5th wheel

    Ok... just wanted to put it out there. I have a new traveling job and am looking into a travel trailer. Would rather get a 5th wheel than a hitch pull, BUT don't think I can do so with my Sport Trac (07, v8, 4x4) . I figure I'm just going to have to go with a hitch pull, but thought I'd put...
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    Rear axle squeal

    Man I love this forum. This has gotten fairly bad on my 07 ST. Wanted to know if anyone out there has had this fixed??? And is it a recall ?? or something to have to pay for ? Thanks guys.
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    Howdy y'all ;)

    Well, happy to have found this forum. I was in a similar forum for my 1997 Cougar for a while, which I recently sold and purchased my 2007 ST Limited. It's my 2nd ST, had a 2003 but due to life, had to get rid of it several years ago. Anyhow, when I got the ST, I was looking around to see if...
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    Heated windshield on Adrenalin?

    Hi guys.. had to register so I could reply to this.... my 2007 limited has heated seats ;) .