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    Fuel Gage Issues!!

    Symptoms: Key Off: The gas gauge needle shows about 1/8 th full. Key On: The needle goes to the extreme left, i.e. left of Empty. /\ when mine did that it was the sender
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    I'm researching and i don't understand

    the ttb is for 4x4 models..i beam for 2wd and they changed them in 95 for a reason (the whole firestone incident wasnt just the tires)
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    1992 Ford Explorer Voltmeter Gauge

    mine never reads exactly in the middle either
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    Battery Died, now alternator won't charge new battery

    i would charge that battery using a battery charger before replacing parts..also take the cables off and clean the terminals good and put them back on..i had this problem and got another year out of my battery..if that doesnt work voltage test the alt at your local autoparts store..they can also...
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    i need ur help

    either your clutch or pilot bearing failed
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    Power Windows No Power

    the switch itself is easy to take apart so you could check the points of contact for corrosion and excess gap. and i think when you have it apart its easy just to jump the switch to get power to the motor but it sounds to me like the switch went bad if all 4 windows dont work (assuming 4 door)...
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    Power Windows No Power

    all the windows go thru the drivers door switch i think so i would start there..and the 3 seconds sounds like the auto function trying to work then it stops.
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    1991 Mazda Navajo stereo HELP PLEASE

    if you had a stock subwoofer then you had the premium sound package. otherwise you do not. theres a wire for 12+, ground, 4 speakers ( one solid one striped for each) the new headunit would have a one for remote turn on (for an amp) and i think when i did mine there was one extra wire i didnt...
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    Alternator VS old battery

    ive had a vehicle's charge light come on replaced the battery and its been fine since. and if your battery's not good then your alternator is always working at full capacity so anything else on top could cause a low system amp/voltage situation. depending on the problem and your wallet permits a...
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    Alternator VS old battery

    could easily be both but 5-6 years on a battery is usually toward the end of efficient life. and running just about every electric system at once is a big load on both. the test they do at an auto parts store are usually pretty reliable as long as whoever does it does it right.
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    1st gen steering box qestion?

    rock auto sells a rebuild kit under steering gear rebuild. probably 50bucks with shipping. and a "new" steering box would just be a rebuilt old one anyway.
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    Fuel issue

    yeah if your not getting power at the pump you should follow the harness up to the power dist. box. its unlikely the in between wiring has an open but its possible i suppose
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    Fuel issue

    well any fuses can be checked by just looking at them. and if your getting power at the fuel pump connector all the time (key on) then i would say replace the pump/ fuel filter and clean any gunk out of the tank.
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    Dome lights

    so you can open all 4 doors/hatch and the lights wont come on at all?
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    leaking antifreez?

    its possible that on of the bolts could have broken after you tightened them causing it to leak
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    Which Optima

    i also have a 34/78 size in the yellow top
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    Fuel sending unit Explorer to Navajo

    yeah any mechanical parts of the navajo are identical to the explorer. and regards to your second question. I installed a airtex sender pump unit in my navajo a couple months ago and the pump is good and quiet but my fuel gauge doesn't read correctly (installed correctly) but im sure its just an...
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    car cover

    i need to park my navajo at a different location from where i live and i was wondering if anyone had any insight on a good for the money car cover. thanks
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    abs elimination?!

    ...:scratch:..I know there is also a connection from your abs to your torque convertor lock up on the A4LD..I don't know much about removing the abs on a daily driver nor any significance if perhaps you were in an accident would have, I just thought I would throw this stuff in here...;) I...
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    speedometer acting up

    my speedometer sometimes does that same thing..and its always done it (owned the truck since new).
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    liftgate rattle

    is it rattling from regular driving or subwoofers?
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    possible trans problem?

    your transmission isnt the problem. if your ex cant make it past 60 with the petal down then your engine isnt making nearly the power its supposed to
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    94 Explorer Acceleration problem.

    dont be surprised if they dont do it usually they only do obd 2 systems
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    headlight issues need help asap

    well i would start following the harness back and see where the power is getting stopped
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    HELP I need A4ld overdrive fix

    sounds like the shift cable might be slack causing it not to engage the right gear.