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    your opinion on tires?

    BFG A/T all the way. They perform like mud tires off road and like road tires on road.
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    Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle or ZAPV

    Has anybody taken ZAPV #301? If not, its mine.
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    4R70W Reverse Gear Noise

    I have decided to just drive it down to Florida and rebuild the transmission. It has about 200,000 miles on it anyway which means that ist only a matter of time anyway. If anybody still has some info or advice on the subject, by all means post it.
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    4R70W Reverse Gear Noise

    I have a 1998 Explorer with a 5.0L engine and 4R70W transmission. When I put it into reverse, it makes a whining noise similar to the noise a locked transfer case makes in 4 low. When it started doing it, it would only make the noise until I gave it gas. Lately it hasn't been stopping when I rev...
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    My tires are 31's but I can clear 33x12.50x15's. I did the 2 inch suspension lift also, so I have a total of 4 inches of lift.
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    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    My lifted Exploder: 2 inch suspension lift and 2 inch body lift on 31's:navajo::navajo::navajo::D
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    Fastenal makes the Universal 2 inch body lift blocks that will be all you need if you have an automatic transmission which I purchased on ebay, and the bolts I bought from some website that I cant remember. you need to get case hardened bolts that have full threading and are 2 inches longer than...
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    Foxracin's 1991 Exploder

    I definitely will!
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    Foxracin's 1991 Exploder

    DUDE! THat hand throttle is sooo sick!
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    2006 Explorer Throttle Body/ TPS Problems/Wrench light?

    Ok. I just fixed the same problem on my 1998 5.0 Explorer. All the mechanics told me it was the TPS sensor and the Throttle Body so I checked the sensor and the voltage was great. (If you have a Haynes Manual you can test the TPS sensor yourself) Anyway I got into the Engine bay and found two...
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    Yeah. I plan on getting some 32x11.50 or 33x12.50's in the next couple of weeks. And I definitely recommend the 2 inch. It only took me 6 hr to complete. Takes a little to find the bolts for sale though.
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    Hello people, Just finished my 2 inch body lift on My 1998 5.0 Explorer. Got some before and after pics. I didnt use any steering extensions or Radiator brackets. I had to trim the plastic that protects the cooling fan and secure a couple steel hoses out of the way of the serpentine belt but...
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    My 2000 XLT 4x4

    I love the grill. It looks great!
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    trails in maryland

    Thats why I am moving to Tennessee next year.
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    Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle or ZAPV

    So I carry a gun in my truck. Can I be in?
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    My 2000 XLT 4x4

    When you do, post pics!
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    My 2000 XLT 4x4

    Looking Great!
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    How to: 2nd gen bodylift - PA 883 Bodylift Instructions

    I know this is a bit late, but can somebody tell me how long the steering extension is?
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    Steering binding after 3 inch body lift

    how long is the steering extension?
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    MPG with A/T Tires.

    Go for the BF Goodrich rugged trail T/A. As far as I have been able to see, they have all the plusses of great gas mileage coupled with the mild off-road performance.
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    V6 or V8 model?

    Get the V8. you wont regret the minimal loss of mpg.
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    MPG with A/T Tires.

    When I stuck 31 inch a/t's I lost 3mpg on the highway and 2 1/2 in the city.
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    a sad story... and will these fit?

    They will fit.
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    First truck (94 explorer)

    Hey, looking good. Just a quick hint, craigslist is the best place to pick up cragar soft 8's. I got 4 with some small super swamper tires for $90.