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    '91 Explorer A/C issue

    OK. Assuming that your '91 is not converted. Know that.............most shops (around here anyway) will charge a $65 to $75 fee for a check up and the last one I went to said they charge $32 a pound for R-134a if it was needed. This was a couple of years ago. BTW I paid $5 for a 12 oz can...
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    How-To: 1st Gen Ball Joints / U Joints / Spindle Bearings

    Additional info for U joints...... Dead Link Removed Past notes from other posters..... "Always a good idea to mark'em so they go back exactly to original position...hind sight." and........ "If there are any splined...
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    diy radius arm bushings

    I did mine by the rivet removal method........ Doing the job
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    Ex-rust-orer, or aka "Rust Bucket"

    Might be time for a, "trade in?" Cash For Clunkers. Aloha, Mark
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    Trans cooler lines

    To add to Maniak's post..... You could also just cut the old factory tube and flare the end (or go w/ the compression fitting and barbed end). Slip a hose over the flared end and clamp it. As for the new cooler......B&M trans coolers come either........ Already with a 1/2 NPT female...
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    Used tires on a 93?

    For a 4 wheel drive to work w/o a possible breakage (when in 4 wheel mode)'s best to have all four wheels and tires the same. Now.....story time. I didn't have much money last Christmas for 4 tires all at once for my '94 Ford Explorer. I wanted to buy just two brand new tires and...
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    Parting Out prior to C.A.R.S. turn in, What to keep?

    ekrispin, IF you're turning in your '94 Explorer (under the Cars for Clunkers) and if you got stock mag wheels that looks like the "throwing star" style. I need the center hub caps. So I don' have to look at my lug nuts exposed to the elements. please contact me via e-mail...
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    A/C Compressor Problem

    For a '94 Ford Explorer.......... For proper AC work........... You'll need a two gauge manifold set to hook up to your system. Something like this one will do for the home DIY guy........ *Harbor...
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    looking for a few answers

    ewsoares, Since you're having trouble with the cluth and since the tranny was a Franenstein Fit..........Me, I'd go back to making it "stock like." Start by hunting the bone yards for an Explorer with a manual transmission. Aloha, Mark PS........I just did my
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    94 Explorer A/C leak

    zkt, '94 went through a lot of stuff having to be changed (did it a while back). Accumulator, orifice tube, evaporator, hose w/manifold and compressor. Can't even remember what I spent. Then.........the "add insult to injury" part was............FORD had placed a sticker on...
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    A/C not performing as good as it was.

    OK then......sounds like you're gonna be doing this. There are some really good folks here with a lot of knowledge. Read the stickies.......that will give you an idea (somewhat) about what is involved with AC work. Aloha, Mark
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    '91 Explorer A/C issue

    If it were mine.......I'd consider what it's all worth to me. I mean do I really want to spend good money (and/or how much do I spend) just to get A/C on a '91 vehicle. At what point is it not worth it? $200, $400, $600? for fixing it. I'd want to know is it converted to...
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    A/C not performing as good as it was.

    Since I haven't posted this list of A/C tools (for a home hobbist) in a long it is again.......... Aloha, Mark PS.......Harbor Freight now carries a line of Vacuum Pumps at really good prices. Check them out. And, get a digital thermometer.......I found mine at Wal...
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    A/C not performing as good as it was.

    Since you're only giving us one gauge readings.......I'll assume that you don't have a two gauge manifold set. IF that is the case, my advice would be.........if you're going to be doing AC work, invest in a proper manifold gauge set (the kind with a high and low gauge). Harbor Freight has...
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    94 Explorer A/C leak

    IF that rusty part that you described is on the sounds like a "muffler" on the line. I believe that it's not something to just take off and replace. On my '94 Explorer it's factory crimped on the line. IF you're taking about an accumulator mounted on the...
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    Wanted Compressor back picture

    OK, I used the wrong word to describe the "port/fitting." And actually, I should have said the caps over the port/fittings are colored. Then again.......some vehicles only have black colored caps on their port/fittings though in different sizes. But then, the connectors on the...
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    1994 Ford Ranger 134A Recharge----

    Hook up a manifold and take some readings. HTH. Aloha, Mark
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    AC compressor rubber washers color?

    USUALLY.......Nitrile and HNBR are the two common O rings found on an AC system. Nitrile (black) for R-12 and HNBR (green) for 134a. Though, I have also heard that just the color alone doesn't tell you the whole, double check what you got. Aloha, Mark
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    AC compressor rubber washers color?

    The composition of the rubber O rings are different......the black is for the old R-12 systems.......the green is for the R-134a systems. Yes, should use the correct ones. Aloha, Mark
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    Wanted Compressor back picture

    Why not..........trace the hose connectors (high = red/ blue = low).........back to the back side of the compressor. Aloha, Mark
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    ac replacement get the old oil and guck out of the old parts. Don't flush any line with a muffler on it and don't flush a compressor. AC oil and capacity will depend on the system on your vehicle. Consult the NAPA sticky for capacity. Can't remember if it also says what oil to use...
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    Replacing Accumulator Question

    JimDi4, I wouldn't worry so much.....with a FORD......the TOTAL capacity is more important. So......IF, working on a new/re-build of a complete system.......I'd just split up the oil into the major components. Sooner or later, it's all flowing throughout the system anyway...
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    Replacing Accumulator Question

    1998 Ford Manual System.......Explorer. low side gauge.........22-50 hi side gauge..........160-250 Taken from the Haynes Book. Note: for systems in good operating condition, at sea level and with ambient air temp of 80 degrees F. Aloha, Mark
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    Loud roaring under hood while accelerating

    That's a good one. Aloha, Mark
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    AC Replacement

    Assuming you're talking about a '91 Ford Explorer.........I'd look for a donor '94 Ford Explorer. The reason is that the '94 has a complete system that will probably fit into your '91 and it uses R134a. Aloha, Mark