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  1. silver4x4

    New Head Unit/Sirius for Explorer

    Is there a pioneer Sirius Tuner Available that will work with the stock antenna. I dont want the magnetic on on my roof. I want the AVH-P4000 and would add the sirius tuner but does it work through the stock antenna or a separate antenna
  2. silver4x4

    rear cargo area sliding tray

    those look nice
  3. silver4x4

    looking for pictures of 3rd gen door panels

    I am looking for a close up pic of the 3rd gen door panels with the silver trim piece about the insert? Can someone please post a close up pic of this? Or can they tell me is it a solid silver color or the same carbon fiber look as the radio trim piece?
  4. silver4x4

    Finally a 3rd Gen thunderform?

    yeah I see that. I searched the MTX website and nothing comes up for the 2002-2005 explorers. Thats why I was curious? Could this be installed with the stock radio?
  5. silver4x4

    Finally a 3rd Gen thunderform?

    I found this while looking around for a stock sub enclosure for my explorer? Did they finally listen to us and make a 3rd generation thunderform for us...
  6. silver4x4

    White Explorer Black Rims...opinions

    Would look nice with that black push bar up front a little more contrast. You could also tear off the old factory running boards and put on so black nerf bars and that would complete it very nicely.
  7. silver4x4

    Factory Navigation

    I am wondering if there is a factory navigation system that would fit in my 2002 without major modification. I can deal with the harness by getting a reverse harness depending on the plug type but I would like to know if any vehicle came with a navi that will fit a 2002-2005 explorer ? Thanks
  8. silver4x4

    4th gen hatch on a 3rd gen? will it fit

    I have thought about doing this after my accident the hatch sits goofy and they would have totaled it if they fixed it so I want to find a silver one and try and fit it up. I will check the junkyard for one and maybe give her a whirl. Maybe a little closer to spring.
  9. silver4x4

    will 08 or 07 or 06 headlights fit an 01 sport

    no the high beam dip will not work with out heavy modification
  10. silver4x4


    +1 on him being a good trader. I bought tailights from him and they are perfect!
  11. silver4x4


    Good I am glad that you received that and are satisfied with your purchase! Still very sorry to hear about your explorer!
  12. silver4x4

    Update On My EX

    Love the look. The wheels look great.
  13. silver4x4

    Headunit Wiring Question

    Either Amp for stock subwoofer if installed, 6 disc cd changer, or steering wheel controls are my best guess?
  14. silver4x4

    My explorer was hit yesterday

    Dude I am sorry to hear this, hey what about those mirrors? Did you ever work that out?
  15. silver4x4

    Painted Body Molding?

    I would assume gloss just because it would match the body but thats just a guess.
  16. silver4x4

    Can someone help?

    Welcome. I dont have an answer for you but I want to say Hi from WI. I like near milwaukee. Actually cedarburg. I am in fond du lac often for work. If you need anything please let me know. I am more than willing to help.
  17. silver4x4

    2003 Explorer 6cd changer radio troubles...

    I have the radio you need for sale that is in like new condition. It works perfect and would mount right in. Let me know if you are interested in it. I am going to send you a PM regarding it.
  18. silver4x4

    LED 3rd brake light for 02-05 Explorer?

    Low Beam Headlight Bulb Size: 9006 High Beam Headlamp Light Bulb Size: 9005 Parking Light Bulb Size: 3157NALL Front Turn Signal Light Bulb Size: 3157NALL Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb Size: 3157LL Tail Light Bulb Size: 3157LL Stop Light Bulb Size: 3157LL High Mount Stop Light Bulb Size: 2825...
  19. silver4x4

    Help: Does anyone know where I could buy interior electrical parts for a 2005 XLT

    its private message. look up on top where your username is and under it you will see a private messages link click on it or you can e-mail me at my yahoo account at I have the parts you need if you are interested. If you cannot get through on either the forum messaging...
  20. silver4x4

    Fixing a pretty deep scratch

    Whats the worst thing that could happen by using the video method? You have to re paint the hood? You are looking at that anyway. If it is 90% or you are satisfied then you are ahead if not the paint pen and clear coat together are less than $10. By the way you are welcome for the video. I...
  21. silver4x4

    the mountaineer got t boned

    this is great news. I am glad to hear that you will be getting your truck back. I just went trought this with mine and it came with in $150.00 of getting totaled. It cost $5,500 in repairs. Do you have pics of the accident yet?
  22. silver4x4

    Aftermarket Coil pack

    I was reading on this forum that someone else went with the accel with no difference noticed. he said it would take a heavily modified engine to notice a difference. What kind of difference did you notice with the accel coil pack?
  23. silver4x4

    My quest for LED high mount brake light.

    I just sent them an e-mail as well requesting a 3rd gen brake light
  24. silver4x4

    Aftermarket Coil pack

    How is this brand?
  25. silver4x4

    Help: Does anyone know where I could buy interior electrical parts for a 2005 XLT

    I have a overhead console you can have for less than $70.00. PM me and we can talk. Does that work for you?