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    Late First Gen Explorer Eddie Bauer

    Howdy forumers, (Skip to the second paragraph if you don care about the narrative) Irrelevant fact of the day: my little sister finally got her license. Some of you may remember my 1992 Explorer Sport for which I had huge plans. Well, it's been a bit and life etc. Needless to say, she's...
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    Wanted Camburg coil buckets w/ shock mounts

    Howdy all, I'm looking for a pair of Camburg coil buckets with shock mounts for my 92' Explorer Sport. Down the line I plan to pick up some heimed radius arms, and cut/turned beams, with some eibach coils... but that's down the line. Thanks. -Rick
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    a4ld to Manual M50D Swap How-to

    Awesome swap. I was thinking about doing this too. Now I know where to look when when I get up the nerve.
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    Introducing my 92' Explorer Sport to the family

    Thanks for the welcome and the words of encouragement. And doubly thank you for the compliments on my clean truck and ideas. I hope to bring them to fruition sooner than latter.
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    Introducing my 92' Explorer Sport to the family

    Hey forumers. This place is great. Poking around I've already had some questions answered and I just got here! (like what vehicle to get a manual transfer case out of, and where to get fiberglass fenders) I picked up my 1992...