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  1. MartyD

    Timing Chain replacement parts?

    Can anyone tell me the parts needed to replace the timing chains and associated components (front and rear) in an ‘04 4.0 (non FFV)? Who makes the best? Price range? Need to get this done ASAP…
  2. MartyD

    2010 V6 2WD 5R55s Transmission Dilemma, need advice

    I had to replace my 5R55S and used Best Buy Transmissions. Less than 2k for the tranny and fluid. Runs like a dream now. Replaced @ 111,600 and have 126+k now.
  3. MartyD

    Harsh ride off roading with Rancho's. Suggest some shocks pls!

    They are Smittybilt Outlanders, pretty sure I got the through 4 Wheel Parts. Unfortunately I had to sell it after my son was born. Now I have a 2004 XLT 2x4.
  4. MartyD

    Harsh ride off roading with Rancho's. Suggest some shocks pls!

    I had the same set up you describe on my ‘96 Sport. I had the Rancho adjustable shocks set to medium, Warrior shackles and Torsion twist up front. I used the “F” code springs from a 4 door. Had 31x10.5x15 Bridgestone all terrain tires. Mine rode pretty well.
  5. MartyD

    2004 Center console rear A/C vents

    Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of. It just doesn’t seem to get much air back there without having the fan cranked all the way up.
  6. MartyD

    2004 Center console rear A/C vents

    Do any of the 3rd Gen Explorers or Mountaineers have a fan for the rear vents? My 2nd Gen Sport had this feature and my 3rd Gen XLT does not. I would love to switch out for a console with this feature if available.
  7. MartyD

    6th Gen Stock 2020+ Explorer & Aviator Photo Thread

    What is that paint color called, my wife would love it!
  8. MartyD

    Transmission Issues....of course! Lol

    I replaced mine. Best Buy Transmissions is where I got it, good folks! Less than $2000 for Transmission and fluid.
  9. MartyD

    Blower keeps switching between dash vents and defrost when taking off..

    Our '07 Grand Marquis had the same problem of switching to the defrost vent and would change under load. It grew gradually worse until finally it was defrost only. Took it to the Ford dealer (since there are no more Mercury dealers) and the leak was in the digital control unit in the dash...
  10. MartyD

    How to: 4th gen hatch swap on 3rd gen Explorer DONE!!!

    Where are the connectors located? is there room to Install an "adapter"? I'm thinking of a set of plugs with a short length of wire between that would adapt the 4th gen door wiring to the 3rd gen Explorer wiring without having to rewire the plugs.
  11. MartyD

    Door ajar idiot light won't turn off despite all doors being securely closed

    Get in , turn your motor on. Turn your dash light dimmer switch to the off position (make sure it "clicks"). Turn your dimmer switch back on (make sure it doesn't click at the top or you will have to do it all over again). This should turn off the door ajar light off. It won't solve the...
  12. MartyD

    4 cylinder engine swap?

    There is a K&N FIPK available for the Sport-Trac. When I put one in my Sport I noticed a 1-3 MPG increase. For the cost of that mod alone it paid back fairly quickly.
  13. MartyD

    Wiper blades insanity

    If only they still made Triple-Edge wipers! I had these on multiple vehicles from the time when you could only buy them on TV to end of production. I only had to replace 1 blade on one vehicle over the life of the vehicles (the time I owned them). Never squeaked or smeared. I figure the reason...
  14. MartyD

    Need a New Transmission

    Follow up...Having the Transmission replaced again (luckily under warranty)! After 5,040 miles I had to take it to a shop near me (the shop that installed it is over 200 miles from where I live). It was slipping to the point I didn't trust it on the approx. 9.5 mile drive to and from work...
  15. MartyD

    1997 ford explorer, push bar question [police style]

    I had one on my '96 Sport from Genuine Steel. Don't know if they are still around but the Headlight guards were removable on it also. Check with 4 wheel parts, they may have a line on a number of different manufacturers.
  16. MartyD

    Need a New Transmission

    Thanks for the info!
  17. MartyD

    Need a New Transmission

    Well, my ex has let me down. While visiting my wife’s family in Southern Georgia for Easter my tranny died. My brother-in-law used his diagnostic tool on the ex and came up with a code indicating it was the solenoid block. I got a replacement but when he pulled the pan to install it he found a...
  18. MartyD

    Oldie but a goodie w/ power seat issue

    My '04 has the same problem. I'm not currently able to pull the seat due to health reasons. If anyone has suggestions I can get someone to help me if I can find the problem.
  19. MartyD

    4th gen hatch on a 3rd gen? will it fit

    I to suffer from the ignoble rear hatch crack. If the 3rd to 4th gen. swap works I would defiantly be interested. Even if the harnesses don't match maybe one of the aftermarket harness manufacturers could make a jumper that would let them match up. The first thing I would do however is take a...
  20. MartyD

    I'm baaaaack!!!

    I'm baaaaack!!!