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    Transfer case bad?

    no stored codes related to drivetrain. Only did a key off check since the truck was cold. Will try again on the weekend after a spin in 4wd.
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    Transfer case bad?

    I'll check the codes tonight. Definite that the indicator lamps dont flash in either 4wd position. I only mentioned the fluid in case there was some known issue with clutch plate contamination and that was a hopeful long shot. Based on what you are suggesting the ball ramp mechanism is more...
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    Transfer case bad?

    Have a 95 with a 44-05 transfer case. 4WD does not work in high or low but the transfer case shifts into low fine. Checked front axle locking system, its OK. Also checked shift motor and 12V (13.8V on brown wire) to magnet coil in case with in 4 low. In 4 low the front driveshaft turns with...
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    Starter Removal V6 sohc 4wd

    The top bolt hole should be open on the other side of the bellhousing. You can get some penetrating oil in from that side to help. Its nearly impossible to get a good swing even if you drop the driveshaft. Use a 6 point socket, various extensions etc to place the wrench at the end of the...