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  1. K

    4x4 2x2 5R55E

    Thanks for the input I got a killer deal on this Explorer the only problem is the transmission it would not move after it ran for about a min or two so I flushed it an change the filter it was pretty plugged up, after the flush I could drive it but it did not want to up shift then the trans...
  2. K

    4x4 2x2 5R55E

    Can someone please tell me if a 5R55E 4x4 transmission will work in the 2wd if the transmission pan is changed, the output shaft and the rear housing are changed on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC 5R55E 2WD. the transmission look the same other than the output shaft, rear housing and trans pan
  3. K

    transmission whineing noise

    1997 ford explorer transmission 4R55E started to make a whineing noise as I pulled into the drive way that has a slight incline I had to give it a lot of gas to get in the drive way and it was hardly moving. What causes the transmission to whine? please help ken