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    Rearview Camera Problems

    Our 2013 Limited with Sync 2 with My Ford Touch, Parking Assist and all the other options camera went out stating contact dealer. I ordered new camera from White Bear Autonation (EB5Z-19G490-A). Installed and camera came right to life with straight parking aid lines. However they did not turn...
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    Rear Wiper / Motor Mounting Problems

    I've got a whole lot of noise (squeaking) coming from the rear window trim panel that covers the wiper motor. How does that cover come off?
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    ABS light and flashing 4x4

    I would check the connector right down by your hub. Also check the routing from the hub to the connector. Sounds like the left turn could be tugging on the connector making an open and causing the error.
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    oil gauge issues

    Take a look at this sticky thread. I am pretty sure the oil pressure switch circuit runs in this harness that has given many V8 Explorers trouble.
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    Fuse 28(Radio) has no power to it.

    My 04 Explorer Wiring Diagrams depict the audio unit uses two 12 volt supplies plus a battery input for a total of 3. In the Central Junction Box (below the dash): Fuse 28 is Hot in START. Fuse 2 is Battery, hot at all time. In the Battery Junction Box: Fuse 6 (60 amp) provides power to the...
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    Bluetooth/Handsfree options - 04 Explorer Limited

    The rear DVD unit has power to it at all times from the same power circuit as the head unit. However, the DVD needs a signal to "turn on." The DVD connector on the back of the Ford head unit is a 16 pin connector. Pin 6 (LG/BK) is the turn on signal (see photo at top of post). Ford listed it...
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    Bluetooth/Handsfree options - 04 Explorer Limited

    This is the new head unit we installed: If you PM me with your email I can send you the wiring/connector diagrams.
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    Bluetooth/Handsfree options - 04 Explorer Limited

    I just installed a Kenwood Double Din Bluetooth w/ handsfree unit in our 04 with Premium Sound and Rear Entertainment System. We no longer have sound inputting to the head unit from the DVD but I wired it so the DVD does get power when the key is on. That way the DVD will still play and...
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    '03 EB Explorer - Power Seat Stuck

    Here is a good thread on fixing power seats.
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    Front end humming?

    Number 4 is right about the hub bearing. I had slight vibration and the hub assemblies were the issue. Here a good video for replacement:
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    4.6 intermittent stall?

    Our 4.6 2004 experienced 2 different episodes on dying. The first was at stop lights, the engine would occasionally struggle and die. All it wanted was fresh plugs. The other time it died while driving. We could restart it until one day it would not. That turned out to be a bad fuel pump.
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    2004 Ford Explorer - Rear A/C not working

    For the rear fan to work you must have something other than OFF selected on the main vehicle system. That signals the Aux. A/C relay to energize to allow for rear fan operation. Power for the fan comes from a 30 amp fuse in the battery junction box. Verify that is good first by visual...
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    oil leak help?

    Oil filter adapter gasket is known problem. Read this thread:
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    03 Explorer rear turn and lower brake lights dont work

    One circuit powers the rear lights for brake purposes through the brake relay. Another circuit goes through the flasher and power up the same bulbs when selected for turn. Both circuits power through the Multi-function switch which is a potential cause.
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    03 Explorer rear turn and lower brake lights dont work

    I would suspect your brake pedal relay. It is inside the Battery Junction Box. You could swap with another just for a simple test. The relay should pick up when you activate the brake pedal but does utilize the ABS module. The high mount brake light does not go through this relay.
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    Recommendations for replacement CD player

    We just bought the Kenwood DPX501BT but have not installed it yet. We also got the PAC-SWI steering wheel interface adapter. This will retain the ability to control the unit from the steering wheel.
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    05 explorer wont take fuel at the pump

    I pulled my tank a couple years ago to swap out the fuel pump. There is more to the tank than people give it credit. Make sure the tank is low on fuel when you lower it to reduce weight. Also, consider doing outside since there is fire risk. A fire could injure you, damage your vehicle and...
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    #Urgent# Electrical Help Needed

    There is one or two large electrical firewall/bulkhead connections up and left from the brake pedal. Those needed to be pulled for the dash and reinstalled. You may want to pull those, reseat them and tighten the bolt that goes through.
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    Explorer dies at a complete stop

    When my 04 EB 4.6L Explorer started struggle in drive at a stop light and sometimes die all it needed was a fresh set of plugs. Problem fixed.
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    Rear strut replacement, 03 Eddie B. Model

    This thread may help you some. It discusses the nut that is hidden with a cushion and how to get it loose. The search function is up in the banner area. It is in the 2nd row toward the right.
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    Trouble Starting 2003 4.6

    Hey Brian, Did you check for this chafed wire issue by the oil filter? It is a sticky.
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    Voltage Regulator source & replacement

    I thought I could get by last year on our 04 original alternator with a voltage regulator. After I got the reman from Ford I took mine apart to find the slip rings were worn and pitted. I would go with a quality reman and don't fuss with replacement of a single subcomponent in the alternator.
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    New guy here have some questions about 2004 explorer

    The parking brake shoe lining is notorious for coming off and making a clicking noise in the rear rotor/drums at low speed. Is that what you are hearing?
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    2003 eddie bauer 4.6L Stops running.

    Make sure you read this sticky and then inspect your wiring.
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    '05 EB Using RES RCAs as Audio AUX IN

    I wired at bluetooth adapter directly into the RCA wiring up in the RES. The sound comes in on the Aux in and sounds just fine. It's all hidden. Here's what I used.