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    poor gas mileage

    i also have a k&n air filter on it and its clean.
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    help installing aftermarket cd player

    i just finished installing a cd player in my truck and used the remote wire from the deck and wire tapped it to the factory amp wire and my speakers work now. i bought a harness made for that and it did not work so i wired it myself. the factory amp wire is on the opposite end of the constant power.
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    poor gas mileage

    i am driving a 96 ford explorer 2dr 4x4 auto 4.0 with stock tires. there is 189000kms on the truck new motor, trans and transfer case with less than 50 000kms and my last tank of fuel lasted only 231.8kms with 80% on the highway at 90km/h.i tried a bottle of injector cleaner in that full tank...
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    Shifting issue only when cold

    I live in northern ontario and if it is colder than -20c and i jump in and go the truck will shut off when i put it in gear. Best tranny fluid i have ever used is Royal Purple Max ATF and i swear by this stuff.Its better than a trans replacement. :)