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    Aux Switch placement

    put them in a panel that is easy to replace in case you change your mind and want to take them out. I haven't put any in the explorer yet, but ive done some pretty crazy installs... I don't know how to post pictures though
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    need help/adivce on Throttle Body parts?

    I agree, get a second opinion. Yes they can be cleaned, as long as it doesn't say not to clean it. Some have a special coating to prevent build up on the inside and cleaning removes the coating. The build up will cause a hesitation on acceleration, however it will not cause a no crank condition.
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    Where this noise is comming from

    does it get louder when you go faster?
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    Fixed rear wheel bearing but not the problem

    I always buy new bushings. Something that is going to take time and money to replace (alignment?) I don't want something that has already been used and abused and have to replace it again. Just my opinion, but do it right the first time. And it never hurts to get parts with warranties.
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    Rear end issue

    if its the junk rear end you are taking out, try to take the cover off and see if you can remove the circlip that is on the end of the shaft. then it should slide right out. Otherwise, try this:
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    2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 grinding and jerking no lights on dash

    I have had the same problem with my wife's explorer 3 times. All 3 times, it was a failed wheel bearing. The tone ring for the speed sensor is inside the hub. When the bearing fails, it damages the tone ring and the vehicle thinks that something is wrong, so it doesn't know whether to hit the...