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    Harsh vibration when starter turns motor over

    When I turn the key to start my X, the motor shakes pretty bad until it's running. This started happening in the last week. My starter isn't loose or anything. I am curious if you guys think it is definately the motor mounts? One thing I haven't tried yet is having a friend turn the motor...
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    15X10's ????

    I have a 3" body lift with coil spacers and shackles. So a total of about 4 & 1/2" of lift. I have 33x12.50s on 15x10s but I had to do a little fender trimming in front of the doors and cut out the fender shroud a little.
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    HELP!! Submerged the X

    Thanks a lot for all the help. Since it is the end of the semester here at school, I sold my books back and got enough money to get a 130amp alt. from Napa for $135. I replaced it yesterday...problem solved. My engine oil is good and my tanny is good. I am not sure about the transfer and...
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    HELP!! Submerged the X

    Thanks for the input. The problem ios that I have to drive home about 100mi from college this weekend. I don't know if it will make it. I have a 1000cca battery taht is a few months old. If I can just keep it running even though the alternator is bad and not shut it you think I will...
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    HELP!! Submerged the X

    I submerged my explorer last night up to the front turn signals. I got it running fianlly today, but now my battery light is on and the alt. gauge only reads up to about the first letter in the background. What do you think is wrong? Did I fry the alternator or do I have a bad ground or...
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    clunking feel through steering wheel

    Try tightening the nut on the steering shaft next to the firewall. Mine was getting a little lose and I have the shaft extension because of my body lift. I felt knocking in the steering wheel over bumps, so then I tightened that nut as hard as I could with a little wrench and it worked.
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    Help! All my interior lights won't turn off

    While I was driving, all my interior lights came on and wouldn't turn off. I took out all the bulbs, but power still goes to the bulb outlets no matter if the vehicle is on or off. I have no idea what is causing this...maybe my dimmer switch burnt for some reason....
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    3 in lift, max tire size?

    When I had just my 3" body lift, I could fit 32x11.50 BFGs on 15x10 wheels with some minor rubbing on the inner fenders when I turned sharp. You probably wouldn't get any rubbing with 8" wheels. For gearing I have 3:55 and I didn't mind it...right now I have 33s with the same gears. You...
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    Loud "whine" while in 4-hi

    When I drive around in 4-hi, there is a whirring sound coming from the front axle that gets louder and louder as I go faster. When I let off the gas, the noise quiets down significantly, then when I give it gas, it starts to "whine" again. Also If I brake fairly hard, it will "whine." Are...
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    Tires for 3" body lift and 2" spacer shackles

    I have 33x12.50's on 15x10 wheels with the setup u r talking about. You can check out my pic in the Before and After section. The thread is titled "My '91 w/33's" You'll have to do some trimming on the inner fenders though.
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    3.55 gears and Dana 28??

    With the 33's it is ok but i think i will need to upgrade to 4.10. I have an automatic and the main problem is when passing vehicles it doesn't have much power. Also the tranny likes to shift in and out of overdrive when there is a slight incline a lot.
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    Ray Lobato

    I purchased a set of Warrior Shackles from him not too long ago and before I made my purchase, he answered promptly any questions I had concerning them. I believe he gave me a fair deal on the shackles and I would do business again with him in the future.
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    3.55 gears and Dana 28??

    I have 3.55 gears in my Explorer and I was wondering if this is commonly found on others. It seems like everyone either has 3.73 or 3.23. Also I have the Dana 35 front axle of course, but I heard that some Explorers come with a Dana 28. Why is that? I am just curious.
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    pinch bolt on steering knuckle

    It would be nice if you could get it out...spray some penetrating oil on it. I don't think it's absolutley necessary because what mainly holds everything is the bolt on the bottom ball-joint. You may just have to pound the knuckle a little harder with the pinch bolt still in place.
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    question about loose manifold bolts...

    Oh and for torque specs, I didn't use any and just used my own judgement....I've tightened many, many bolts without a torque wrench and I know this is not the safest route to go, but I trust myself.
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    question about loose manifold bolts...

    There are 8 total bolts, 6 are size 10mm, and the one in the back, right and front left are 13mm nuts. You are able to get a clear shot at all of them except for the nut on the front in which you must use a swivel or else you need to disconnect other things. All that I took off was the plastic...
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    question about loose manifold bolts...

    I think the oil gets sucked in through the valley which is under the intake and where the cam, lifters, push rods, etc. are in. I just tightened up my intake bolts yesterday and all where about 1/2 turn loose. I didn't have to take the upper intake off either. My X has 165,000mi on it so I...
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    pinch bolt on steering knuckle

    It may be a 12mm. I know that it is metric but I can't recall the exact size.
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    BFG AT KO road noise

    I'm guessing you should get 50,000mi. out of 'em. The rotation of tires is usually recommended after every 8,000mi. to maintain even treadwear.
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    BFG AT KO road noise

    Rotate your tires as long as you still have tread, which i'm sure you do since the tires were only boughten 9 months ago. Put the front right on the left rear and the left front on the right rear, then put your rear tires straight up from the front.
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    BFG AT KO road noise

    have you rotated your tires lately? cuz after a long period of time, the front end will cup the edges of your tires making them uneven.
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    4.56 Gears baby!!

    I don't think that those gears would be too low for normal street driving, but they would probably be too low for driving down the freeway with 31's.
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    37x12.5 Goodyear MTRs

    Oh awesome...I did see that in the projects forum! Good luck, big project ahead, but then the explorer will be definitely bulletproof.
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    37x12.5 Goodyear MTRs

    Are you planning on getting 16.5" rims then too? I am not sure if you can get those 37's for 15" wheels....
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    low coolant level

    Did you let the coolant system bleed itself when you put everything together. You have to run the engine at least till the thermostat opens and add coolant accordingly all while the cap is off. If the system is bled but still spits out coolant, then it sounds like you have a bad head gasket.