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    Single DIN or double DIN aftermarket receiver?

    The display went on my stock radio in my 07 explorer and I was wondering if anyone had pics of their 4 genertion explorer with a single DIN receiver in it. Just trying to decided between single and double DIN and would like to see how the single DIN receivers look.
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    2007 explorer aftermarket radio install question

    I have an 07 explorer EB, the radio display is dimming and it keeps getting more faded. Instead of trying the fix i have read about i am thinking of installing an aftermarket CD player. Crutchfield says " i need a Factory Integration Adapter Connect which will retain steering wheel controls...
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    Difference between 07 and 08 center console?

    no, my 07 does not have sync
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    Difference between 07 and 08 center console?

    I am looking at purchasing a center console vault (safe) for my 07 explorer EB. The company told me the vault will only fit 08-10 center console with sync. I look at the parts diagrams and pics and do not see a difference. I was wondering if anyone knew first hand if there is a difference or not?
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    Is this a cargo cover/ security shade for an 05?

    I am looking to buy a used security shade/ cargo cover for an 07 explorer and was wondering if this is for an 05 or 07-10...thanks
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    Weather stripping clips

    Does anyone know where i can find the clips the hold the weather striping around the body that the door closes on, also the clips for the weather stripping under the hood. I can't find the clips or part numbers online. Thanks
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    2007 Eddie Bauer v6 gas mileage?

    What size engine?
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    2007 Eddie Bauer v6 gas mileage?

    I do a lot of stop and go and my commute is only 2 miles each way. That's why i thought maybe my MPG wasn't that far off 11-13mpg. I'll check the air filter and MAF. Since i bought it from a used car lot (not dealer) it didn't come with a manual and i'm not exactly sure if it has the tow...
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    2007 Eddie Bauer v6 gas mileage?

    That's intresting.... Haven't been doing any jackrabbit starts
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    2007 Eddie Bauer v6 gas mileage?

    I just bought my first explorer it's an 07 v6 Eddie Bauer edition 4x4 and I have been getting 11-13mpg around town. I live in the Suberbs, so there are a lot of lights and stop and go traffic. Just wondering if that gas mpg was normal.
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    New member

    I'm from suffolk county.
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    2007 Eddie Bauer rear license plate lights

    Does anyone know were I can find the rear license plate lights? Not the bulb but the light housing? I've searched the Internet but can't seem to find one or a part number. Thanks Mike
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    New member

    Hello all, new guy from NY just traded in a Honda accord for a 2007 Eddie Bauer. I must say way more comfortable then my accord. Mike