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    Transmission oil pan replacement

    Yeah I check the legit ford sites but all of them are back ordered. They cost too much for something so simple that it's best to try the junkyard.
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    If you had a second gen Explorer, what engine would you put in it?

    I am going ripping my 4.0 out soon and replace with a rebuilt performance 4.6 with a whipple.
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    Transmission oil pan replacement

    JY? and yeah i want to save the rethreading because that seem costly. Might have to grab a junkyard transmission oil pan.
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    Transmission oil pan replacement

    So I went to replace my transmission fluid. I popped the drain plug loose but it kept spinning so I dropped the pan only to see that the inside thread lock nut or whatever it is was spinning. My drain plug would not break loose and I end up rounding off the inside nut that the plug threads...
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    P1700 Failed to neutral code

    I will be replacing the fluid Saturday when it comes in since it's not sold locally for same price online
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    P1700 Failed to neutral code

    Hey I have a 2005 Ford explorer 4.0 4wd. My truck was acting sluggish after I did a bad coolant repair for my thermostat housing on a Friday. When I left the house for food Sunday, omw home the suv hit 30 then started to stall or downshift down while pressing gas only made rpm rise with no...
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    Coolant Leaking in Rear

    Thinking of cutting back past it then add a connector and add in a piece to connect it back to the metal pipe
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    Coolant Leaking in Rear

    Saying it is leaking down from it my bad. Say behind because it's right before the clamp so it's a hole in it and can see coolant just gushing out the hole. Would I be bale to cut off up to that point or would it be more strain?
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    Coolant Leaking in Rear

    So I have a coolant leak from a rubber hose that is behind my wheel going over and under my chassis body then up and under across to my rear heater core. What is this hose and what is the best way to replace it? It's the left hose and it's leaking right down from the clamp
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    2005 Ford Explorer Rear Passenger side

    Hey do anybody know where to find the part to replace the passenger side rear fender because my studs broke off and the wheel bent my fender up into the wheel house therefore needing to be replace but i dont see a part nor how to get it off.
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    Need help, dies out when I give it throttle

    Either your fuel pump is going out or the sensor in it is bad. Also the leak could be just the coupling going bad from the tank to your filler cap. Mine use to leak at that spot also and its very cheap to fix since it is just a coupling that you can replace easily.
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    Coolant leak

    I have a 2005 Eddie Bauer Explorer and it leaks coolant whenever I use the heater it leaks badly on top of the engine under the intake manifold but I don't see where the leak coming from. It is a 4.0
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    Anyone got a part name or number for this hose

    How do you take it off? Sounds like a stupid question