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    Stereo display/dimming wire

    DjDom: I just found a color that was dark enough. It's just not intuitive to me on how you have to dial in 3 different tones. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the stereo. Great being able to use the rear usb port with my ipod stashed in the glove box. As far as the DJ settings go, I looked at the...
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    Check gage/oil pressure gage

    I have a 2002 XLT Explorer 4.6L-V8 (~105k miles). In the last year the driver side puddle light seems to only work intermittently. I've read that it's probably due to broken wiring to the door. I'll check soon. Accessing should be easy as I recently put in new speakers all around. Any other...
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    Stereo display/dimming wire

    DjDom. Thanks for the fast reply. I can remember putting a stereo in my Dodge D50 in 1986 and having the SAME issue. It's amazing that in nearly 30 years with all the bells and whistles (great as they are) they still haven't improved the illumination operation. But then again we haven't been to...
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    Stereo display/dimming wire

    I just installed a Pioneer DEH-X8500BH using a Metra 70-1771 Turbowire in my 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with the standard 4 speaker sound system. The display seems brighter than I'd like at night. I have adjusted the colors to a darker color (green) that seems to get the display as dim as I can...