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    A4LD 3-4 Shift Spring (Bore 201)

    I am in the process of rebuilding the valve body on a A4LD. Pulled bored 201 and found the spring to be mangled. From what I can tell, the Transgo and Superior kits do not include this spring and I have not found any online. Does anyone know where I can find one?
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    A4LD Thrust Washer Question

    I just rebuilt a 1993 A4LD and had all forward gears and no reverse. Ran great in forward for 120 miles and started to get a major delay in forward until I finally had no forward gears. I dropped the pan and fluid was burnt. Pulled the tranny and found the foward clutch burnt up. I took...
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    93 ex runs rough under load

    I recently had the same problem and it was simply the MAF conncector was loose. Plugged it back in and it fixed the problem.
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    Not upshifting into second gear?

    it's my understanding that 1-2 shifting is controlled by the vacuum modulator... it's a cheap part, but a pain to get to. You have to pull the front seats and console to get to the transmission from inside the cabin.
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    A/C not working

    dam7, I purchased my parts from Blend Air on ebay... they have been great to work with. Very knowledgeable people and have been willing to help with my problem. They replaced my compressor without any questions asked when I thought that was the problem. I highly recommend them. I...
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    A/C not working

    Thanks... that's exactly what I was thinking too! I just can't think of any reason that would cause the tube to clog. Hopefully that's all it is... sure would be a cheap fix. I was hoping to check it tonight, but we have a bad storm going through, so it will have to wait til another day. I...
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    A/C not working

    I recently replaced my entire A/C system (reman compressor, acc/drier, orifice tube, condenser, hoses) excluding the evaporator which I flushed. It worked great (center vent = 40 deg) for about a month. All of sudden it started blowing hot air. The pressures were as follows: Static 85psi @...
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    exciter Ring

    Can an exciter ring be added to a non ABS front rotor for a 93 Explorer 4X4? I replaced the front rotors a few years ago with the wrong ones and would like to cheaply fix my problem by just adding an exciter ring.
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    ABS Light On

    I didn't mess with the calipers or the brake lines, so I don't think I could have air in the line. Is it possible that I could have installed the wrong rotors? I noticed there are difference rotors for Rear ABS systems and 4 wheel ABS systems and thought this could possibly be the problem.
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    ABS Light On

    93 4x4 LTD - I replaced my front brakes and rotors last fall and immediately afterwards the ABS light came on and the 4x4 does not work. Is this related to a speed sensor in the front. I replaced the speed sensor on the rear differential. This did not fix the problem.