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    No brakes

    Pulled the fuses and relays, still n brake. Then I unplugged the electrical lines for the HCU with and without fuses and relays and there was still no brake pressure. Would replacing the calipers and drum brakes be of any substantial change in a problem like this one? I am getting pressure...
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    No brakes

    Is there any way I can turn off the ABS system so that it's just the normalnon-assisted brakes?
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    No brakes

    I'm not getting any pressure with the engine running, it just goes to the floor while pumping the pedal.
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    No brakes

    Right now on my 94 Explorer there are no brakes, I changed the Master Cylinder on it because the brakes were spongy and lost pressure whenever I tried to drive it any distance. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to turn off the ABS for it, I've unplugged the relays and fuses and the pedal...
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    Not idling.

    Just changed the oil this past Saturday and had an issue with the old oil filter, but got that taken care of the next day. But when I drove to work later on Sunday the clutch felt a bit harder to push and the gas pedal vibrated a bit more when I wanted to go faster, the acceleration was slow at...
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    High RPM's, no acceleration

    The clutch was changed two years ago. I can start off fine, it just doesn't let me accelerate like I should once I'm in the higher gears. I haven't tried pressing the pedal all the way down, yet, and because of this issue I'm a bit leery on trying that.
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    High RPM's, no acceleration

    Starting a few days ago, maybe on Monday, I noticed that when trying to accelerate that my RPMs would go up, but my speed would either stay the same or slowly climb up. Today on my way home from work, I was traveling up a hill, in fourth gear at about 3000 rpms, but I was loosing speed. A...
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    cold start

    I am having troubles with my Explorer in the cool mornings. It starts up fine every time, but in the mornings, it does not accelerate fast enough. It idols around 500 RPMs while I am having this issue. When it is not havinf this problem it idols around 1000. When I press on the gas pedal, to...