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    Getting the run-around, need some advice

    thanks a lot mark, the old man deals in lifts, but because the coils were from a mazda, he won't help me out. i really dont trust his work anyway, the original owner was much more helpful. it is a shame he left. anyways, thanks for the good news, now can anyone else answer my ? about the...
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    Getting the run-around, need some advice

    alright, i know this is a very popular topic, but i dont have the patience to search for what i am looking for and would rather ask a few questions. 1) i bought a set of BDS leveling coils from a friend that were off a 93 or 94 mazda 4x4 pick-up. a worker at the off road shop in town confirmed...
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    Leaf springs

    brandon- i am sure you have looked in to this, but depending on how bad your rear end is sagging, new Warrior shackles might save you a ton of money and get the leveling done. they 8.5 in long so depending on how long your shackles are now(mine are 5.5) you could get the 1-1.5 you need. the...
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    Tell Me What Year, Tire Size and Amount of Lift

    94 xlt 30x9.50x15 uniroyal AWT's on stock rims no lift of any kind no rubbing on road, the rear tires can be pushed against the wheel well, but i have to try
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    Tom, Omaha, NE

    94 XLT 1.5" lift(BDS front coils, Warrior shackles 30x9.50 Uniroyal AWT(31 BFG's on the way) Smittybilt Bumper Thumer 2 Hella 550 FF fogs K&N air filter 1 driver that will try anything once, and maybe twice if nothing breaks
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    Leaf Shackles?

    will they fit a pre 95? ------------------ Tom '94 XLT 4-door 4x4
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    Front coil install?

    thanks guys
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    Front coil install?

    i just bought a pair of BDS 1.5-2 in. front coils from a guy who had them on the front end of his mazda pick-up. i planned on doing this install myself, even though he misplaced the original instructions. a friend who installed the lift on his cherokee said, "sure, it cant be that much...
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    Front Wipers?

    before i decided to buy an explorer i could actually lift(my 94), i owned a 95 sport, and i had this same problem. somebody along the assembly line must have been nodding off for about the last 5 years Dead Link Removed
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    New to Offset

    i'm sure this is a dumb question, but i see and hear people talking about their wheel offset all the time. i know several of my friends have american racing wheels that are sold as "high-offset". but how far is that? can i have my factory rims backspaced to get the same effect. i am...
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    the local off-road guru said he could only see a problem with the J**p shackls if they hit anything underneath when compressed or extended. i dont see a problem except for the cross piece between the frame, right behind the spare. i have a 94, yours might be a little different underneath...
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    97/98 SOHC V6 timing chain tensioner PROBLEMS!

    derek, i have a 94. my mom owns a 98 with only 18k miles, all of this caught my attention. last night, i got the marbles in a can sound. have you figured out what your problem was? mine turned out to be teh catalytic converter. the weld has broken loose. maybe this will help...