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    radio cuts out at semi high volume 2000

    Sounds like you got an over exacerbated speaker. If there is contact in the voice coil this will shut off the factory amp. Sometimes the speaker will function fine until you start turning it up. At this point the voice coil begins to arc and make continuity. The amplifier will sense...
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    Problem w/ antanea wire on '99 Sport

    Antenna extensions are 5 bux at best buy. danman
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    Amplifier Integration Harness Hocus Pocus

    The green is the one. The sub should work fine when you are done provided you hooked up the remote output to the harness amplifier turn on. danman
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    Delayed Accessory Fuse - 2002

    Just wire it to the accessory that goes to the radio. The serious unit probably only takes a couple hundred milli amps. I would just tie into the radio accessory. Just my opinion.
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    I know it can be done, but just don't know how

    How do you put a cd in that one? danman
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    Installed head unit, power antenna not working

    In many many cases I use the amplifier turn on and antenna from the same wire. If you are really worried about it you could use the accessory wire. If you use the accessory, the antenna will not retract when you turn off the radio. danman
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    Custom Enclosure: Port question

    The rounded port is better. how much, I don't know. This is all because of some thing called prandl-meyer flow. Picture the sound wave as a thin wall. This thin wall will travel around corners. The part of the wall that is closest to the corner will adhere to the corner. As you go...
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    alarm door lock problem

    put a meter on the wires in the car to see if they are pulsing when you hit the lock button in the door. This is to make sure that these wires are the ones you are looking for in this system. Worst cast scenario.....take the door panel off and tap to the wire there then just run the wire...
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    Sub latency

    I would consider a smaller box, sealed box, or more amplifier power to get the sub to act faster. As long as there is electricity in that wire it is traveling at just about the speed of light. Drawing too much power does not slow down your signal. danq
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    Audio Controls on Steering Wheel I install at best buy. This is the interface that we sell. It taps into the controller wire behind the head unit. If the controller is a single wire(all the fords I have seen have been), this thing will work like a charm. Its cool to have working...
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    1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!

    Did you hook up the amp turn on wire. Should be the blue and white wire on any aftermarket harness. danq
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    1996 Stock Radio is it Line leve out?

    I install at best buy. I would advise against some of the really cheap line out converters. I have installed a couple cheapos with grounding problems, but, never ever ever had a problem with the ones we sell at best buy. They are made by edge install and are distributed by rockford fosgate...
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    1996 Stock Radio is it Line leve out?

    OK.... Here is what I would do. I would get the ford amp bypass. Cut it in half. Take the leads out of the input side of the cut harness and wire them to an line out converter. Then go from there into the new amp with a couple of rca's. This solves the problem of actually cutting your...
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    1996 Stock Radio is it Line leve out?

    You could bypass the amp with an amp bypass harness, but......I have installed many stereos in cars with the amp and not bypassed the amp and never had a problem. The only time I had to use the amp bypass on any fords is when the amplifier was busted. This would lead me to believe that the...
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    HU no longer works-help!

    sounds like a fuse to me. danman
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    5r55s questions

    Nope. I am not sure. What is the S. How do I know what I have in an 01 sport. danq
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    5r55s questions

    Thanks for the quick reply. You guys have any websites for apten or superior. danq
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    5r55s questions

    I just got a 01 sport with the 4.0 and 5r55s. I had a 4r70w in my thunderbird(previous car). I put a shift kit in by dropping the pan and I liked the results. Is the 5r55s modifiable without taking the trans out of the car? If it is not, is there a computer module that will make this...
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    Possible and worth the headache???

    I have an in dash 6 cd changer in my 01 sport. I am looking to get an aftermarket player. I would be willing to sell this one. You can email me at and mabye we'll work something out. It should fit the location and wiring harness fine. dan