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    Rust problem: Can I get to the inside of the rear fender?

    I have some rust thats seems to coming from the inside and getting pretty bad on my right rear fender/ quarter panel of my 00 Explorer.:fire: I noticed that there is glue of some sort holding the quarter panel to the wheel arch. Is it possible to cut out the glue to gain access to the rust...
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    Driver side power seat will not move.

    Recently I noticed when I went to move the driver side seat forward it would only go about a 1/4 inch and the motors winds down and stops. I looked under the seat to see if anything is under it or something had fallen in to the track but I can't seem to find anything. The seat will go up and...
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    Opinions on another Explorer.

    Well I went to check the Explorer out yesterday and the dealer said that it was in the shop for "routine service." I called today to see if it was done so I could take a look at it. He told me that it was up on the lift today getting worked on. I asked why it was on the lift and he called me...
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    Opinions on another Explorer.

    I appreciate it. I'm going to look at it tomorrow. What do you think the car is worth? I was thinking of $12500 to start the negotiations.
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    Opinions on another Explorer.

    I think its time to start looking into getting another vehicle. I was wanting some opinions on this Explorer. What are the common problems to look for on this generation Explorer? How is the reliability...
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    Rusted Fuel Lines

    I noticed that my fuel lines running along the frame are rusted badly near the gas tank area on the frame itself. Is it possible to cut the rusted sections out and use compression fittings and steel brake line to repair it or use fuel injector hose and hose clamps? Ford wants an ungodly amount...
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    Rear doors, rear hatch and right rear fender rusting. I need advice.

    Here in WV the road salt can get pretty bad. And now my rear doors (passenger side is alot worse than the driver side), rear hatch and right rear fender are rusting. The fender is not bad yet. A spot about the size of a pea is starting to bubble up the paint. My question is I have a little...
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    How can I make the rear map lights come on with the dome light?

    Just as the title says. This would be on a 2000 4 door Explorer. If I us a jumper from the green/orange wire to the black/blue wire would that make the map lights come on with the dome? And is the light grounded through the mounting bracket? I assume that it is. Here is a pic of the...
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    I need advice on painting a car.

    My dad's 85 AMC Eagle has seen better days as far as the paint goes. He has asked me to paint his car and recently picked up a used spray gun (siphon fed), detailing spray gun (also siphon fed) and some sanders (straight line and orbital). I have zero experience with air spray guns. This is...
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    For Sale Parting out 2001 Explorer Sport

    How much for just the Keypad. My numbers are just about worn off.
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    HID/HALO question.

    Depending on which headlights he has they are H1 or H3. If he has this type they are H1... And this type is H3... They projector foglights I have are H3 bulbs also.
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    Need help on 2000 Explorer fog light connector

    That would be great. Just let me know how much you want for them.
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    Need help on 2000 Explorer fog light connector

    I have search every where I can think of but still cannot find what I need. I need the right angle connector that plugs into the H1 fog light bulb so I can mount them in my stock fog lights housings. The owners manual calls them 899 but I know they are the H1 bulbs that fit in the housings...
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    Sunroof shade removal?

    I was just wondering how to remove the sliding shade for the sunroof on my 00 Explorer. The material is coming off and I need to get it recovered. If anyone has any idea how it comes out I would appreciate it.
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    Found smoked projector headlights of the 95-01 Explorers.

    I have been kicking around the idea of getting these for my Explorer...
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    Thinking about getting a newer dvd headunit.

    I was looking at the double din units but that means I have to relocate my EQ and there is just not to many options to mount the EQ in the Explorer. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.
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    Thinking about getting a newer dvd headunit.

    I have been thinking about getting a new dvd headunit for the Explorer and have been looking at a couple of In dash dvd units to replace my Panasonic dvd unit. The first one is the Clarion VZ400 and the...
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    Projector Headlights peeling?!

    I have a set of the 95-01 black projector headlights and it looks like there is clear coat peeling and flaking off. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, are there any fixes to this? I thought about trying to get the rest of the clear coat off and respraying a layer or 2 of clear coat...
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    4 10" fiberglass box

    The box is just covered with gray vinyl and has 12" Kicker CVR's.
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    Pics of Sub Boxes

    Hey that box looks familiar. :D
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    How To: Install Signal Mirrors On 3rd Gen Ex

    Now you get to enjoy the signal mirrors. I've had about 5 people ask me if that was an option on the older Explorers. I love them.
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    Signal Mirror kit for ranger fit X?

    The glass was easy to replace. Just pop the old ones out and pop the new ones in. I didn't use any of the instructions. I just tapped into the turn signal wires in the tail lights. With me being color blind it was impossible to find the correct wires. Running wires from the mirrors to the...
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    Signal Mirror kit for ranger fit X?

    Here is an updated. I got the mirrors painted and the signal glass installed. Everything is wired up and working great. Here are a few pictures and a video. Here is where you can see the video. The video was just uploaded so it may...
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    Signal Mirror kit for ranger fit X?

    I just got the mirror kit today. I am picking the mirror housings up tomorrow or sometime next week. I decided to have my body shop guy paint the mirrors for me so I wouldn't take a chance of screwing them up. Right now all of the wires have been put in place. I decided to run wires from the...
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    New rims and tires for my Dad's '00 Ranger

    Even though you said "Nothing personal" doesn't mean people aren't going to take offense. I understand that you were doing it because other people have done it to you. But continuing this cycle gets you no where. Personally it did piss me off but I held off on posting as soon as I saw it...