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    Flamethrower Exhaust

    A guy on the BMW fourm did it....with EFI too...he actually installed a switch that cut the spark for a split second to cyl 6 and let that unburnt gas run through the exaust and ignite it at the tail. Let me find his video....
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    Temperature question - Is this normal?

    Since we're on the subject guys...My temp gauge is pretty usually sits at or below cold, and sometimes just livens up and comes to the middle, then drops back down, fluctuates, then drops again. I was thinking thermostat, but my heat is still damn hot during all this. Maybe a...
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    Fuel Injector Life Expactancy ?

    Anything with over 350k is probably a little tired... :rolleyes: , but there's also the rule "If it ain't broke don't fix it."...I would probably replace them to avoid problems down the road.....
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    Buttons to energize 4WD do not work

    Do the buttons light up? Are they recieving power? To engage 4X4 (4 HI) you need to hold the button in until the light comes on. To engage 4 Low, you need to be in Park or Neutral and under 3MPH, and hold the button in. Each buttons light next to it should illuminate after a few seconds of...
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    A4LD Odd Problem...Please Help!

    Thanks alot! I really appriciate it guys. The truck (well when settled after start) idles at the first mark on the tach...not sure what that is but Im guessing about 500RPM....but it is solid and does not bog or jump or attempt to stall. I think the ICV is on its way out though because like I...
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    A4LD Odd Problem...Please Help!

    Actually I'm replacing the IAC because every time i start the truck (wether warm or cold) it revs to 1100 and stays there for about 10 -15 seconds before dropping down to the norm...and sometimes after driving, taking it out of gear the truck will rev, then go back down... symptoms of a bad...
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    A4LD Odd Problem...Please Help!

    Could this have anything to do with my idle? Now that I'm thinking about it, my truck when warmed up idles at the first mark on the tach (500 rpms?)..and is very solid and only comes up a hair when taken out of gear. Could this be the reason why its doing this (is the idle even too low?) I...
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    A4LD Odd Problem...Please Help!

    Hey guys, I have a 1994 XLT 4x4 Auto (Auto Hubs if that matters)....anyway...The transmssion is fine in all gears, shifts as it should (although sometimes a little soft when light on the gas) hesitation...etc....basically works normally. I have been noticing that when I am on hills...
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    1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!

    I had that problem in my 94...forgot about the amp...after 15 minutes of sitting there, I remembered and plugged it in...hahah....
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    Air speed control button light burnt out...

    Hey Alphabets, I'm about 30 seconds away from you, haha. Do you know anything about the overhead console install man? I have the stuff, just afraid I might screw it up. If you know anything, can you give me a hand?
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    fix for a missing idle...quick help pleease!!

    Use electronic parts cleaner. It will evaporate clean, and will not cause eny friction problems or electronic problems.
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    Front bumper for 94x?

    I think going to the dealer is much cheaper than going through FPN...they're prices are TERRIBLE. I can honestly get parts for my BMW cheaper than that.
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    trans shift flare 11/17

    Hey speed, where in PA are you?
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    Heat output is low

    Your thermostat could be bad, even though it's new....also, have you checked your water pump? Where at in PA are you?
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    95 XLT Transmission Problems

    I agree with Blee...get it checked out at by a trans shop...
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    not an X, but an H2 gets 'stumped'....LOL

    I know everyone's heard the "Opinions are like A-holes.." saying before, and it holds very true. It's all in what you like. I mean where would individualism be if the only car produced was a Ford Escort or Toyota Corolla? Anyway, I had a 1987 BMW 325, and it by FAR surpasses any automotive...
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    Rattle coming from engine

    My 94 pings too...I haven't tried seafoam yet (kinda afraid of, or the manifold bolts....guess I'll have to get on that this weekend. What kind of damage can long-term pinging do?
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    96 Explorer-Blows fuse when shifted into reverse

    Well you put it in reverse and you blow the fuse for the reverse lights...sounds to me like you've got something grounding out somewhere in that circuit...probally with the reverse lights. Check all wiring and check for water in your taillights/reverse lights.
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    A few mods....

    Hey guys, Sorry I dont have any before shots. Here is my 94 XLT 4X4 as she sits right now. She is still awaiting a brushguard, rear bucket seats with center console, 95+ Full Console upgrade, and overhead console install. Right now she's got a custom grille (made by me :) ), 15" Mickey...
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    Oil question...

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get the X ready for winter with a good tuneup. I bought a Bosch oil filter, Bosch Platnium plugs, and 5 qts. of Mobil 10W-40 oil , and Lucas Oil Stabilizer. My question is, is 10W-40 okay to run for the winter, or should I take it back and get 5W-30? I know all...
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    New member/owner!

    Welcome! Post some pics!!!
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    Vac Lines

    Hey guys, Had a strange problem last night. I went out after work to start my 94 XLT 4X4 Auto and it cranked funny then I heard a pop and a hissing. Started and idle began cycling. I looked under the hood and put the 3 vac hoses on the silver thing (EGR? It has a few vac lines connected to...
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    Help with Paint

    Oh yeah, I used a spray can clear coat (DupliColor) to finish, giving it some nice protection.
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    Help with Paint

    I just did the inner part of my 94's grille. I used the DupliColor Trim Paint (black of course), but first I cleaned and primed it, then painted, then glued plastic mesh behind it. I taped off the outer chrome part, and everything inside is painted with the black. Looks AMAZING....I'll try to...