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  1. rausch creek offroad park

    rausch creek offroad park

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    Length for rear 4 link???

    Installing a rear double triangulated 4 link on buggy,looking to see if anyone has already got one on truck that works good for crawling. I need to know what the best length is for an explorer. Im thinking the lowers should be 48" and uppers 34"?????
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    Ricks Bronco: 1and 1/2

    Yah buddy,look at that truck lookin good,lol. yah we are deff. hookin up and doin wheelin shooter,cant wait to get done so we can hit the trails.thank you again for stoppin by and helping me out. I talked to my buddy hes goin to build me a cross member for my 4 link like you got.started today...
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    swaping from manual to auto tranny. do i need to swap computer also

    yah im goin to probably just throw in a floor shifter, and be done with it
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    swaping from manual to auto tranny. do i need to swap computer also

    swaping just because it is alot easier on me when im rock crawling
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    swaping from manual to auto tranny. do i need to swap computer also

    im swaping my 92 x manual tranny to an automatic tranny do i have to change the computer as well or will it run the same with the comp. i have in it now, my truck is not a daily driver offroad use only?
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  9. DSC_0365


    me ridin passenger
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  13. cpmp course

    cpmp course

    rausch creek
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    rausch creek oct.27

    hey just checking see if your still goin, were still heading up, but if u dont know its suppose to rain all day light showers.
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    rausch creek oct.27

    sweet ill see u up there then
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    rausch creek oct.27

    yah so would i but i just cant pull off 2 days there, got a 11 month old waiting at home for sure if you come u can still hook up with someone there just go to raucsh creeks website and go to there forums and go under trail ride discussion sure youll find some one there to hook up with...
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    rausch creek oct.27

    alright well thats cool, im hoping to go at least once more b4 it gets to cold so hopefully next month sometime. good luck on on ur exam.
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    rausch creek oct.27

    hey whats up wack, hows truck cumin? you think youll still make it in time to go next weekend?
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    rausch creek oct.27

    hey whats goin on, ill be there sat. about 8:30 u can run with us u should be fine the hardest trails we do r blue black and they all have turnoffs to go around the hard stuff so you will be fine. just look for the pirate flag on the trailer in the parking lot thats my buddys trailer. but heres...
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    rausch creek oct.27

    planning on goin up to the comp course and playing there for while then sticken to like green, blue, blue black. what do you have done to ur rig? we r only stayin for sat. hopefully leavin around like 5ish if no one breaks.
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    rausch creek oct.27

    pine barrens where is that never heard of that? lake kristy huh she wooped my ass!
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    rausch creek oct.27

    hey whats up, yah im only going up on sat. yah sounds like a job. but if you do that be cool i want to check your rig out, been lookin at ur pics past couple days, this winter im goin to swap over to 4 link lookin for some ideas.
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    rausch creek oct.27

    heading to rausch creek on oct. 27 who wants to play!
  24. new snorkle

    new snorkle

    gonna go snorkling
  25. new snorkle

    new snorkle

    gonna go snorkling