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    P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure & Temperature (FRPT) Sensor

    Sorry guys, I know that there are a lot of posts on this one.... The one thing that I have NOT seen, is a good picture of the location of the sensor. MY 04 4.0 flex-fuel is running fine (now) but pulling the code. The picture that I have seen a link for is a 2005-07 4.0. Is it in the same...
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    Black Outdoor Temp Display

    Got it!!! Thanks.
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    Black Outdoor Temp Display

    I disconnected the battery in an attempt to clear a change in fuel pressure code (after the wife ran out of gas....) and now the outdoor temp will not display. If you turn on the AC/heat it shows the temp desired. Turn off the AC/heat and it goes black again. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Possible 3rd row seat for 04 eddie bauer?

    I was looking at a rear and 3rd row seat from an 02 (no model listed, but they are leather). Will it work in my 04 eddie bauer? and if so what all do I need to complete the installation. It appeared that they face forward and it's not an aftermarket deal. Thanks to all, Gregg