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    PCV Valve on 4.6l 3V V8

    Flag Gibby, Would also be interesting to pull the valve cover off to see if there is any varnish on anything. I have been using Mobil 1 as the Syn component when creating a blended oil. Robert
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    PCV Valve on 4.6l 3V V8

    Flag Gibby, Thanks for responding back. I had viewed this Ford diagram once before, but was unable to interpret where the PCV value is actually located when I visually inspect this area of the engine. The PCV valve (6A666) dashed line should intersect the valve cover at a fitment...
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    PCV Valve on 4.6l 3V V8

    Maintenance schedule indicates that PVC flow should be checked on the 3V engine. I ordered a Motorcraft replacement PVC valve to be on the safe side. Examining the engine I haven't located anything that looks like this part. They are usually easy to located. On Generation 3 V8 they are...