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    Upper coolant hose? Help me identify this hose.

    Does anyone have any idea what this hose is for? I lost all coolant on the freeway and needed a tow. Is it a heater hose? It goes into the heater control valve.
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    Coolant leak 2003 4.6

    I figured it out. It's the heater control valve.
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    Coolant leak 2003 4.6

    I discovered tonight that my explorer lost a significant amount of coolant over the last few days. Popped the hood and I think I found the place it is leaking. It's to the left side of the engine just below the intake. Looks to be where 2 hoses connect at a junction fitting of some kind...
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    Does this sound like a wheel bearing going out?

    Brought it to a local shop. Was indeed the rear passenger side bearing like I initially thought. He put in a moog one with a hub. Was 301.00 out the door. 85.00 for the assembly. The rest was labor. No more noise. I called a few places before his and I got quotes anywhere from 500.00 all...
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    Does this sound like a wheel bearing going out?

    Yeah I know. I watched a few videos on how to do the rear. And even with access to a lift I don't feel like doing this job ad you need a special bearing press to do this. I got a quote for 210 in labor plus the bearing which is about 50 bucks. I think that sounds reasonable.
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    Does this sound like a wheel bearing going out?

    I noticed a humming sound in in Explorer a few months ago that starts at about 45 mph and is there all the way up to 75 mph. I rarely drive faster than that. At first I thought it was the diff making noise, but then I noticed that the sound got louder as I went around left hand corners. Not...
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    Explorer that sits for a few days cranks a long time before starting.

    I have noticed that when my Explorer sits for a few days it takes longer than normal to crank before starting. Once it starts, it is just fine after I shut it off and try to turn it back on. Especially once it gets warm. I had a problem a few weeks ago. I parked on a hill and went out to...
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    Another oil change question

    I wouldn't worry about it. If it were newer and with less miles I wouldnt do that but as long as you put in the correct amount I think you'll be fine. Project Farm did this test and didn't notice any issues. But from now on I'd just order 2 5 quart jugs of 5w20 from costco for 30 bucks...
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    2003 Ford Explorer 4.6 Eddie Bauer Drain and Fill Questions

    I looked for a thread on here on how to do this but didn't find anything, so if someone has a link please share. I'm planning on going a drain and fill. But come to find out based on what I've seen on the net there is no dipstick? And it looks like you have to fill from the bottom? So what do...
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    Seat belt socket or torx bit size?

    My driver side seat belt is twisted. I tried to fix it at the buckle with my hands and a pliers and I cannot twist it back. It's digging right into my shoulder no matter the height. Does anyone know the size of the torx or socket size so I can fix this? Do I need to take the seat out to get...
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    Fluid Change Time. Need Input.

    I had no idea that there was dedicated transfer case fluid. Makes me wonder how ford is getting this so wrong in suggesting I go with the wrong fluid. I called the dealership yesterday and gave them the v i n number and he told me I needed to add friction modifier to the rear differential...
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    Fluid Change Time. Need Input.

    I am going to be doing the oil, front diff, rear diff and transfer case on this 2003 AWD 4.6 Eddie Bauer Explorer. My parents owned it for many years and it has not been driven all that much so I am going to do all of these items here soon. I am going with 75w140 in the rear diff per what ford...