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    Need help with a 97

    i've never used the 70-5603 using the rca plugs. i've always used the 70-5600 with no problems. if you want to bypass the oem amp then check out the 70-5601, assuming that the harness with the black plastic end is long enough to go to the passenger rear wheel well (never used it either, i use...
  2. K

    disconnect patsinstad of Factory disarm wire

    in order to properly test that factory alarm disarm wire, you must turn (unlock) the key key in the drivers door key cylinder. that dk. green/purple wire will show ground when the key cylinder is in the unlock position
  3. K

    Help with 92 Explorer Stereo just hit "Cancel" when the print menu pops up to view the page 1992 Ford Explorer with Premium Sound Wiring Information Answer...
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    5 Button Entry Remote

    same board, cheaper from a manufacturer standpoint to modify one product for different uses than to make a new product for each use
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    Soooo is it 5x7 or 6x8? 96 XLT

    5x7 = 6x8 they're basically the same thing so whichever you prefer
  6. K

    OnyX conx.

    make sure you turn the satellite radio off if you listen to regular am/fm radio
  7. K

    Double DIN Install?

    best buy doesn't sell the kit in the store to work on his '98 mountie, but it is on as stated, you buy the dbl din kit then you have to cut/shave/trim the top and bottom lips inside the radio opening of the dash. pretty simple with the right tools. i keep my old dremel in my...
  8. K

    OnyX conx. you'll have to either use something like the above link or just use the fm direct adapter.
  9. K

    OnyX conx.

    You doing fm direct or fm wireless?
  10. K

    Auxiliary adapter while keeping factory radio.

    i had a guy bring one of these in for his explorer a few weeks ago. installed no problems, too easy. if you can remove your radio then you can install this
  11. K

    Does someone know how to remove a 2002 Ford Explorer stereo?

    yep yep. just order/buy the double din kit for the truck and cut out the upper and lower lip behind the radio and all is good. i put my pioneer d3 in my '97 explorer this way (and i install for a living)
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    How do i make my back stock sub work with my new stereo click on the above link for a site with pics and colors
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    Installing a pioneer d3

    should be the same for all 2002-2005 explorers
  14. K

    Installing a pioneer d3

    no you won't need an antenna adapter
  15. K

    Wiring diagram for 07 explorer/mountianeer aux input

    pin 6 = blue/green = right input + pin 14 = white/green = right input - pin 7 = blue = left input + pin 8 = yellow/green = left input - all in the 16 pin secondary harness at the radio edit: or at the back of the aux plug
  16. K

    Newbie: Jensen UV9

    looks like it should be light green with a red stripe at the e-brake
  17. K

    Newbie: Jensen UV9

    not being a smartass, but at the e-brake. should be able to post up a wire color tomorrow
  18. K

    HELP!!!!....Sirius radio locating options??

    bracketron makes a mount FOR-201-02
  19. K

    how can i connect my wheel audio control ??

    what brand in dash are you putting in? google the following as needed: PESWIPS - for pioneer, sony, jensen, dual, advent, visteon PESWIAKJC - for alpine, kenwood, jvc, blaupunkt, clarion PESWIECL2 - for eclipse PESWIX - universal for some/most radios that have or are compatible with a wireless...
  20. K

    Flip Down TV in 2001 with a sunroof?

    no, no pics. i traded the explorer in last summer. i ran my own power up to the overhead as i also had 2 pair of rca's to/from it to work in tandem with my in dash mobile video
  21. K

    No dimmer lead on headunit

    orange to the orange/white, tape the orange/black up and leave it unused
  22. K

    Flip Down TV in 2001 with a sunroof?

    i just used short screws. making sure the sunroof is closed when first mounting the overhead and using my drill with self tapping screw to start a hole. then i replace the screws with shorter ones and put them in by hand. you can kinda spread the headliner from the sunroof cover when it's open...
  23. K

    JBL subwoofer not working with Pioneer receiver. the plug you'll find these wire in is the 3 pin harness with the gray sheathing that is plugged into the top of the amp on the right (when looking at them, or can say the amp to the rear)
  24. K

    Flip Down TV in 2001 with a sunroof?

    just about any of them. i put a directed electronics 7" flip down in my '97 explorer that had a sunroof
  25. K

    GPS Hardwire

    fuse must not be seating all the way into the slot. sometime you have to shape/file or be forceful with the fusetaps to make them work.